The MAP-tele doctoral program in Telecommunications is a joint venture of Universidade do Minho, Universidade de Aveiro, and Universidade do Porto (MAP): three Portuguese Universities with a strong tradition in the area of Telecommunications Engineering. The program represents a fusion of the doctoral offers in Telecommunications in the three institutions and constitutes a unified effort to prepare highly qualified human resources in Telecommunications.

An annual workshop is organized by the first year students of MAP-tele and is held at the host university of the program. This workshop aims to:
  • Provide a multidisciplinary presentation and discussion forum for MAP-tele students and researchers (from both the academic and the industrial communities);
  • Disseminate and evaluate the work being carried out by the participants of the MAP-tele program.

This year's edition (10th edition) of the MAP-tele Workshop will be hosted by Universidade de Aveiro on September 15.

This website provides all the information about the workshop, and it is the main source for updated information. We, the committee, invite you to explore it and contact us at maptele2017@av.it.pt if you have any doubt or suggestion.

MAP-tele Workshop 2017 Poster