Google, The World Bank, UNOSAT, RCMRD and Satellite Sentinel are co-hosting
the 2sd South Sudan Community Mapping Event 
in Nairobi on June  30, 2011 in iHub, Nairobi.

What does the event hope to accomplish?
Following the historic referendum in South Sudan, Google and the World Bank are co-hosting an event to demonstrate the power of mapping to support the building of the world’s soon-to-be-newest independent nation. South Sudan is a huge region that is poorly mapped today. Without basic geospatial information, it is difficult for the government, civil society, development partners, and all stakeholders to evaluate risks and current needs, target their efforts, and mobilize proper resources. At times like these, it is critical to have good maps of roads, settlements, buildings and other services, with both local and official names. During this day-long event, we hope to empower NGOs and the Sudanese diaspora community using Google Map Maker technology to help create comprehensive maps of the region.

Who's organizing?
The event is being organized by:

Who's coming?
We've invited members of the Sudanese diaspora and others who have current local geographic knowledge of the country, to help map features they're aware of.

Can anyone attend the event?
Participation is by invitation only (see details here). Please check back for information about future events.  

Past events?
The first one was held at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C., alongside a concurrent satellite event in Nairobi. More than 90 members of the Sudanese diaspora, along with regional experts from the World Bank, Sudan Institute, Voices for Sudan, The Enough Project and other organizations gathered together to map South Sudan.