Sharing documents

In February 2008 Mark and I went on our first genealogy pilgrimage. We were going to be in Chicago for another reason so we rented a car and drove up the west side of the state as far as Cadillac then headed to Ann Arbor for a meeting, then to Lansing to meet Ralph Moulton, a distant "cuz" twice removed (generationally, Ralph was a cousin to Mark's grandfather) and then back to Chicago. It was a very successful trip, even though snow impeded some of our graveyard hopping.

One of the rewards of that pilgrimage were photocopies of plat maps of Rose Lake Township and Le Roy Township, each map copied onto two 11 x 17 sheets. Until yesterday, those maps have been stored away for future reference, but when I pulled them out to review them I was struck by how much I've appreciated finding resources online that other individuals have put there for everyone's use. In that moment, I knew what I would do.

I give you the plat maps of Rose Lake Township and Le Roy Township from 1878 and 1900. They were scanned in sections and pieced together, which accounts for a few places where the lines don't exactly meet. They are, however, otherwise intact.  My thanks to Elna Wilder and the Evart Historical Library and Museum, both for the photocopies and for assisting me in my search.

I'll add other resources as they become available.