216 Morton Sketch of Greenmont Cemetery

A diagram of the Greenmont Union Cemetery by township historian, Alice H. Morton


The section called "Black Lots" is the burial plots for twenty-seven members of the Black family, beginning in November 1881.  It is the site of the Second Quaker Meeting House built in 1817, of brick. In 1878 it was dismantled, brick by brick, and rebuilt in the Village of Freeport on land (lot 63) which was donated by John and Mary Green. The meeting house was sold in 1926 and at this writing, is the site of the TNT Tire Shop.

The above diagram is a reconstruction of Alice Morton's two page-non-scaled map of the Greenmont Union Cemetery, on pages 19 and 20 of her book, "Freeport Township Cemeteries, Harrison County, Ohio." She said the dashed line at section 7 is a fence, which would be the one shown in one of Jeff Ferrell's photos (a later page) and facing half-mile away, the first Quaker Cemetery, now called the Boone-Sears Cemetery.

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