212-01 Satellite Photo


Satellite Photo Of the Village Of Freeport, Ohio
Freeport Township, Harrison County, Ohio

    Coordinates:  40° 12'20.71" N   81°15'07.47" W     elev 876 ft.
    Photo Mar 2006    Eye alt  8293 ft.
    Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO
    © 2009 Europa Technologies
    US Dept of State Geographer
    ©2009 Tele Atlas

 A satellite photo of Freeport and the surrounding area is final proof of how the landscape is arranged. If you have a copy of the first printing of this book you would have seen this photo from the Microsoft Terra Server, in black and white.

This time around, we have Google Earth - in color.  The Terra Server photo was taken April 14, 1994, two years before the first Quaker cemetery site was plowed over. On that photo, one could see some remnant sign of a patch which would have been the cemetery. That is how I am able, now, to mark the exact area on this newer satellite photo. The Google Earth photo was taken March 2006, twelve years after the site was plowed over and planted.

At the northeast point of Freeport we see State Highway 800 pointing to a northeast direction. It will soon turn northwest and head for Urichsville in Tuscarawas County.

The downward loop in the southwest corner, which raises again and veers east is the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad  which hugs the west and south boundaries of the village.

Almost in the center of the photo, we view County Road 10 leaving the east side of Freeport and curving south,  crossing a bridge over the tracks and continuing south and east on its way to  hook into County Road 16 in Moorefield Township. At the point where County Road 10 is ready to cross the tracks is where Township Road 306 begins.  T-306 is also called Cummins Road which is where our interest lies. The  Boone-Sears Cemetery, now buried under farmland, is on the high hill behind the Cummins-Moore Farm buildings.

It would be good if the published cemetery documents which describe the cemetery as being south of Cummins Road were to be revised, since it is decidedly north of Cummins Road, as noted in these photos.
See a closeup of this map 212-02 Satellite Photo