208-B Ohio's Major Land Surveys

How to find an address like (R 7 - T 11 - S 12)

It is easy enough to draw a diagram to show you a sample of how the Ohio National Survey System is organized so that one could locate an address like this: (R 7 - T 11 - S 12) which is Range 7, Township 11, Section 12. 

There are two basic steps for finding Freeport Township in Ohio, and then finding the one-square mile in which you want to find a resident. 

Step 1: In the far right ‘First Seven Ranges’ area, notice the three green bars perpendicular to each other. The vertical bar is marking Range 7 (as noted by numbers across the top). The horizontal bar is marking Township 11. The square where they overlap is the address for the general area we want to look at (R7 T11) Range 7 Township 11.

Step 2:  The overlapped area is marked off into 36 one-square-mile sections. Since there were variations for the surveyors to consider, we see that Freeport township, below, does not have 36 sections. We aren’t sure what variation was to be considered which left Freeport Township with only 24 sections, but the numbering continues into Washington Township (north of Freeport Township) and south of Freeport Township the numbers continue in Guernsey County. When you are first exposed to this system, it is very confusing, but as you work with it, you will become adept.

A mini-map showing sections 7 and 12

Diagram to show how the Ohio National Survey System is organized.

Diagram showing how townships 10, 11, and 12 are divided into one-square-mile sections