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National Capital Region (NCR)

The Four Districts of NCR

posted Nov 4, 2008, 6:51 AM by Ding Ramos   [ updated Nov 9, 2008, 7:18 AM ]

[Update: All four districts seem to have suddenly disappeared.]

Recently (30 Oct. 2008), an author who uses the name "rohitha" entered the following four "Districts":
  1. The Capital District
  2. Eastern Manila District
  3. Southern Manila District
  4. Camanava District
This edit should not be allowed since, as discussed previously, GMM's "District" should be used only for provinces, which are subdivisions of Philippine Administrative Regions (PAR; Philippine equivalent to GMM's "State").  This rule should apply to all PARs, except for the National Capital Region (NCR), which does not have a province.  "Metro Manila" or "Metropolitan Manila" should be categorized as the sole "province" (District) of NCR to be consistent with the other PARs.  Although Metro Manila is not a province, it is commonly used in addresses to refer to province.  Those four supposed districts (otherwise known as the First, Second, Third and Fourth Districts of NCR) are not provinces and are never used in addresses.  Currently, there is no "Metro Manila" District, and "Metro Manila" is used as alternate name for NCR.  I suggest that, once its polygon is almost 100% correct, the NCR State be copied into a "Metro Manila" District and the alternate name "Metro Manila" be removed from NCR.

When questioned as to what his reference was for those features are, he cited the wikipedia entry for Metro Manila as his only source.  The cited wikipedia entry did indeed mention those four districts.  However, it should be noted that the following are mentioned in the relevant section:

"Unlike other regions which are divided into provinces, Metro Manila or the National Capital Region (NCR) is divided into four nonfunctioning districts, which are grouped according to geographical basis in reference to the Pasig River. These districts were created in 1976 but have no local government and no congressional representation, in contrast to that of the provinces. These districts are used mostly for fiscal and statistical purposes."
"The cities and municipalities within the NCR are grouped into the four districts as follows:"

This introductory to the abovementioned list of "Districts" makes it clear that these supposed districts are, in fact, simply a grouping of certain cities and municipalities for fiscal and statistical purposes.  For all purposes that Google Maps might be used for, these "Districts" are irrelevant.

I also note that, aside from this wikipedia entry, there aren't any other reference for these "districts", unless you count "Filipina Singles in the National Capital Region" and a personal website of a British citizen as reliable sources of information.

It seems to me that the author of these edits is thinking that, like all other Philippine regions, the NCR is also subdivided into several provinces (Districts) and decides to edit in those four districts.  He probably thought that using a name like "First District" wouldn't be appropriate so he decides to use the names on the wikipedia entry.  I highly doubt that he has any familiarity with Philippine administrative divisions.

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