Happy employees = productive workforce = happy environment = increase profits = company growth

In any economic climate its is important for companies to have an effective workforce to increase productivity and profit.
                        > A company's productivity and profit targets is dependant on how each individual perform.
                        > It costs more to hire someone new than it is to upskill an existing employee

Our clients come to us by self referral and or as a result of their performance review. They are looking for practical tools and strategies to
  1. change how they thinking, communicating or doing something which is not getting the results they want
  2. be more flexible and able to adapt "how" they do something
  3. resolve personal and interpersonal conflicts
Because we specialise in identifying the preferred patterns and styles people use to think, communicate, and behave in the workplace, our solutions are customised. They deliver cost effective and sustainable solutions

    "The stand out difference between the methods and expertise provided by Pauline and those I have experienced with other companies, is the rapid speed at which the results occur. I highly recommend her as being a skilled coach and communications trainer - the benefits of which have translated into increasing my effectiveness at work and in my personal life".

                                                        Sue Travaglia, Former Group Manager - Business Improvement, Auckland City Council

Tailored Coaching

A tailored coaching programme also includes our 20 minute conversational "Thinking, Communication, Motivation and Behaviour Audit"

As a result our client begins to understand more fully how their preferred a patterns and habits either support their success or sabitage their efforts causing failure.

Our experience tells us once this information is available, clients are eager to learn the practical "how do I change?" tools and strategies.

The audit also serves as the basis for developing and tailoring tools and strategies to meet the needs, goals and outcomes of our client. As a result we expect change to happen in the first session.

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Customised Training

We will tailor a solution from our specialist areas

                 How to "Communicate to Engage and Motivate" Training Modules
  • Transforming Communication
  • Thinking, Communication and Behaviour Pattern Auditing
  • REMO Presentations Skills - Rapport...Engage....Motivate...Own
  • ROAR - a model for resolving conflict
  Personal Development and Leadership
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Changing Habits Made Easy
  • SYNERGISE - Living Life with Purpose
  • Mindshift Strategies
  Body Mind Wealth - your mind and body operate as a whole system
  • Stress No More
  • Stop Smoking Made Easy
  • Weight Release Made Easy
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