Personal growth = more energy = success & achievement = living life purposefully
Imagine for a moment that a miracle took place while you were asleep and the current problem you have, was suddenly solved, how would you know?

Whether you have a wishlist or something you specifically want to change, NLP coaching gives you the tools for quick effective and sustainable change.

There is a myth in society that change can take a long time

There is also general acceptance that once a process is understood, then that process can be changed.

"Having one on one meant that we were able to study my personal style and needs and to explore ways of adapting my behaviour to particular situations"  click here to read more
Our highest intention is that  you experience change  during your sessions. Changing your habits, your patterns and updating your beliefs as to what is possible is easy when you have someone to show you precisely how.

"Make the change and keep the change"

         Personalised Coaching and Break through session
Workshops and Seminars

Why NLP Coaching with Mapping Human Minds? - Personalised Coaching and Break through Sessions

At Mapping Human Minds, our specialist skill is understanding your thinking and behaviour processes and a result knowing how to change these so you can get the results you want. By focussing on "the how" we can create a map to help identify the best way to change your personal thinking, communication, motivation styles and behaviour patterns.

We believe the more you know about your personal processes, the easier it is for you to change any limiting beliefs and habitual patterns which sabotage your success.

      Our intention is to give you this information.

We provide an environment which encourages your curiosity and openness to possibilities to support you living life with purpose.

It is often said there only two fears we are born with - one of loud noises andf the other of being dropped. This means everything else after that becomes patterns and habits we learn from the world around us and the people we meet.

As children we are like a sponge - soaking up all that we experience and developing our values, beliefs and patterns of behaviour. At this young age we generally do not have the life experience to decide if what we learn is something we want to keep.

As we grow and experience life, many people learn how to limit their success and potential.

It is only as an adult that we become more aware of what we would like to change about ourselves in order to get the most from live life purposefully.

The field of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) gives us the tools and strategies tochange our limiting paterns, habits and the beliefs which created them initially.

Many of us often wish we could do something differently...get different results...make permanent changes to our habits. and yet even though we know what we would not like or would rather do instead, for some reason we will often repeat the same old pattern....doing the same thing over and over agai                            
                                                                      "Make the change and keep the change" 

Workshops and Seminars
We invite you to join us on our public workshops and seminars. Explore, learn and understand in an environment encouraging openess and curiosity. Our NLP workshops and seminars are practical, hands on and experiential.

                 How to "Communicate to Engage and Motivate" Training Modules
  • Transforming Communication
  • Thinking, Communication and Behaviour Pattern Auditing
  • REMO Presentations Skills - Rapport...Engage....Motivate...Own
  • ROAR - a model for resolving conflict
  Growth and Development
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Changing Habits Made Easy
  • SYNERGISE - Living Life with Purpose
  • Mindshift Strategies
  Wealthy Mind Healthy Body - your mind and body operate as a whole system
  • Stress No More
  • Stop Smoking Made Easy
  • Weight Release Made Easy

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