About us

Our Vision

Every person living to their fullest potential, being true to themselves and leaving a legacy to others that was worthwhile developing and growing.

Our Mission

is to connect with people who want to grow and develop the whole of their life. We facilitate that by providing coaching and training through personal contact and resources available for distant learning.

We value honesty,integrity, open communication, mutual respect and trust, confidentiality, cost effective solutions which provide win-win foundations for growth, development, productivity and profit.

  • We have a strong belief that when a group of people co-operate and each individual is empowered, then the group as a whole will growth and develop with mutual respect and trust.
  • Each person must be treated as an individual with their own set of beliefs, skills and knowledge. This means they do the best they can with the knowledge they have in that moment.

One day, while going for a walk, I started to wonder "how does one live a life with a purpose?". As a result of my curiosity, the image which came to mind was a landscape without roads, signs plants or trees. How does one navigate a landscape without reference points? Almost as soon as I asked this question in my mind a sense of excitement started and grew to cinematic proportions...........

........ and so Mapping Human Minds was created as a way of combining the knowledge and skills I have used over the years to help clients achieve their goals and outcomes.

Thank you for your presence, time and energy. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Pauline Young
Certified Trainer of NLP, Master Practitioner NLP, Workplace Effectiveness Coaching and Trainer
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