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Our Client's speak

"The stand out difference between the methods and expertise provided by Pauline and those I have experienced with other companies, is the rapid speed at which the results occur. Business Improvement group is an internal consulting group established to provide professional input to improvement projects across the 28 different business groups within Auckland City Council. The range of services provided cover all facets required for large change projects e.g. Business analysis, project management, change management, performance analysis.

Pauline has been a personal coach for me for over three years. I have also recommended her to work with some of my senior staff, work colleagues, friends and family. Without fail Pauline has provided exceptional advice, tools and techniques that have achieved the results we have sought. I continue to learn and grow with Pauline's input. I highly recommend her as being a skilled coach and communications trainer - the benefits of which have translated into increasing my effectiveness at work and in my personal life.

Sue Travaglia, Former Group Manager - Business Improvement, Auckland City Council

"What I value most is developing new skills to assist with my many different communication situations, having the personal hands on learning is much better form of training. Having one on one meant that we were able to study my personal style and needs and to explore ways of adapting my behaviour to particular situations. I found the whole experience to be very enlightening about me as a person and have learnt new ways to manage both my own personal style and to relate better to others with one to one communications. This training has provided me with a number of alternative methods and has improved my overall communication ability. At the same time reducing the level of stress that surrounds many situations.
I would recommend this training for anyone wishing to improve their communication skill base."
Tony Oliver - Principal Ranger, Auckland Regional Council

Pauline presented at our annual conference and I found it very engaging and informative. The ability of your mind in regards to speech and visualising specific thoughts in controlling how you think and feel was quite an eye opener. From the feedback we have had from our attendees Pauline was voted the number one presenter for 'nuggets of gold' over our 2 day conference that our mortgage brokers could take 'nuggets' away and use in their everyday life and business. Thanks Pauline for a very enjoyable presentation and helping make our conference a success
Lawrence Diack Franchise Operations Manager, Approved Mortgage Brokers & New Zealand Mortgage Finance Ltd

"Clear and concise method of understanding the varying types of people, as this is something I come across often and now I have a clearer understanding of this so will be more prepared when dealing with the two different types. A down to earth way to gain an understanding of the two types of people we mostly deal with on a daily basis. Giving an understanding as to why some people potentially seem ‘lost’ when given task to complete. The training will give you ideas on how to motivate people with different styles. hope this is useful. Overall I thought you presented extremely well and were engaging, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks again".
Graeme Russell Director Adage Business and Media Services
Feedback from public workshops/seminars

•›"Cementing my thoughts on behaviours".                                        Christian De Ment Advertising, Design, Marketing Production
•›"Makes you think about how you relate to people. Makes you think about how you operate. Makes you think about   
   what behaviours to change"
Raewyn van der Wende                                                                                                  
•› "Insight into how people deal with circumstances and how to relate to them. Fun - simple - got it Tom Somerville - Sales
•› Surprised - makes heaps of sense  Ric Thorpe - Sales
•› "Understanding how language gives you a clue as to a person's preference. A good start to understanding people's behaviour and why you may get
   into conflict and how you can work towards eliminating conflict".
Kate Office Manager
•›"Understanding the difference between procedural and options personalities and that they exist. Now I get it! In one word.....enlightening!"
   Alan Heywood, Project Manager
•› "Understanding my own type and how that relates to how I relate to pothers. Very interactive and thought provoking as well as instantly useable".
     Niull McGuire, Director Blindpoint

•› "Awareness of personality types and their tendencies. Not just knowing the "why" but also knowing about the "how" aspect. Fun, interactive and
   easy to follow".
Terry Magae, Food and Beverage Manager
•› "It was very interactive and helped me to understand personality types. Very informative and conducted in a very professional and easy manner. A
   Must attend"
Ajay Kumar Bhatt, Financial Adviser
•› "The chance of finding out how other people operate. Eg. How to make a sale to an "options" vs "procedure" person. Worth a look".
    Paul Tubman,

We have provided coaching and training for clients from the following companies

Pacbrands Distribution Limited, Sleepmaker, NYK Line New Zealand Limited, Gen-I, Approved Mortgage Brokers,
ARC~ Parks and Recreation,
  NZ Mortgage Finance, Rutherford Rede (Auckland) Limited, Waterman Innovations Limited, The Warehouse, St John,
University of Auckland~Business Executive Programs, Business Improvement~Auckland City Council,


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