Mapping Resources

hi fellow mappers! Thanks for helping map Haiti with Google Map Maker!

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Tutorial: Using Overlays
Learn how to use KML to overlay data on top of Google Map Maker to help guide mapping.


Supplemental Terms of Service
Your use of Map Maker is governed by the terms of service. Although the Terms prohibit users from entering information obtained from third party sources, such as directories or printed maps, into Map Maker, the following data sources have been explicitly approved for users to enter into Map Maker, so you may use them as the basis for your mapping efforts.

Under-Mapped areas in Haiti kml from Ushahidi - Please map in these regions.

Map Sources:
  - UNOSAT kml from UNOSAT

Imagery Sources:
  - New imagery directly in Google Map Maker
  - GeoEye imagery kml of the greater Port-au-Prince area from GeoEye Inc from Jan 13, 2010
  - Panoramio kml from Panoramio

Additional Sources:
  - Engage your local Haitian community
  - Any GPS tracks you may have taken of Haiti
  - Use our existing satellite imagery to pick out easy-to-see features like unnamed road lines, building outline polygons, cemeteries points, etc.

We will post more sources as we come across them. You may find it useful to let others know what source you are using when you add or change something on the map. You can do this by clicking "Add/Edit details", then click the "Descriptions" tab and then leave feedback in "Comments to the moderator".

Access Map Maker Data

  - Map Maker Data Download (for non-commercial use by non-commercial entities with attribution to Google.)