Google Map Maker Competition

Google Map Maker allows you to create a map by adding or editing features such as roads, businesses, parks, schools and more. Using Google Map Maker tools (see below), you can visually mark locations and add detailed information about them. Once you have submitted content, this information may be edited by other users or moderators. Your mapping contributions on Map Maker are eventually also made available on Google Maps (this update process is not immediate).

You can now be a part of a global mapping competition. Improving the maps of places you know and love can give you a chance at becoming a local hero.

Having a complete, accurate and rich map on Google helps people in your community, businesses, tourism boards, civil services and even emergency rescue workers.

Be recognized and rewarded for your mapping contributions. The competition winner will be a local hero. Top mapping contributors will appear on Google Map Maker and ultimately on Google Maps. 

Please take a look at the competition rules here.