Mapperz Portfolio - Curriculum Vitae - Résumé August 2010

Experienced Digital Cartographer - Systems Administrator and GIS Consultant
10 years full commercial exposure to GIS and cartographic map making. Both in print and on-line web publishing.
Based in South-West England, United Kingdom & Calgary Canada

For hire:

GIS and Cartographic Skills:

Desktop ESRI ArcGIS (Arc/Info) Expert – detailed experience analyst and geoprocessing with multiple types of geospatial data sources with the integration of model builder customisation and development.

Complex data conversion of multiple geodatabases with subtypes and domains.

Spatial database design, creation, implementation and maintenance.

Experience with relational database management systems. PostgresSQL (inc. postgis), MySQL , Oracle (APEX) and SQL Server and on-line spreadsheet services (Google fusion/docs)

Expert knowledge of World, Continental and National projections across the globe, georeferencing and re-projection expert of both vector and raster data.

Digital map preparation and production including maplex rulebases and export.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Fireworks automation for web mapping optimisation

Overlay analysis and management of spatial and non-spatial data of MapVu products – including styling, text placement and specific output methods and updating methods.

Maintenance of backup and GIS System administration

Management of call centre application to analyse property flood risk at Ordnance Survey Address Point Level.

Provided in-house support, administration and training for the ArcGIS suite.

Working Knowledge of Google (v2 and v3), Bing and OpenLayers Mapping API's

Desktop Software:
Microsoft Office/OpenOffice [Microsoft Office 2010 beta tester]
ESRI ArcGIS (Arc/Info plus Extensions) include Maplex Label Engine and DS Mapbook. update: ESRI ArcGIS 9.4 beta tester
ESRI Maplex (Standalone) Cartographic Styling and Text Placement software.
CadCorp (AutoCAD)
Google Earth
OpenSource: OpenJump,Quantum GIS,Udig.

Data Skills
The knowledge of all Ordnance Survey digital data and data conversion.
TeleAtlas Data (Ireland, Europe, Americas) 
Navteq Data (World Wide)
World a la cart database (1:5m,1:10m)
OpenStreetMap data and import/export methods.

Web Skills: Mapping based
HMTL, HTML5, ASP, PHP, XML, JSON, Javascript 
Google Maps API (implementation,tiling,custom data,database integration)
BING Maps SDK (formally Virtual Earth API ) implementation,shapefile import, customistation, database integration.
OpenSpace API
Mapserver (integrated with Openlayers)
CloudMade API's
php, knowledge
KML creation, importation, extraction.
Ovi Maps Player API (Nokia in a 'closed' beta)

Web Skills:Database based
SQL Server
Google Spreadsheets implementation (input/output)

Successful achieved and maintain a GIS/Mapping[Google Page Rank 5 & 6]  related news blog, June 2006-Present - 750,000 unique hits - 6500+ subscribers [current July 2010]

Online presence:
Help and advice on demand, via Google Maps API group, email, instant messaging and social networking twitter

Previous clients:
National Geographic - National Geographic Collegiate Atlas of the World - Geodatabase projection/migration and topology edge matching.
European Commission (GISCO,JRC)
ESRI (UK) - Data Supply for MapStore
Environment Agency - Flood Risk Management.
The Automobile Association (AA) - Street by Street products. (Full cartographic work flow including IFF conversion)
Philips Publishing - Philips County Atlases and Navigator products (Full data preparation)
Universal Map -  USA - Street Mapping
MapStudio - GIS Training - South Africa.
AIG - Europe (Employee Distribution Analysis using Arc/Info)
BBC Website - Boundary Line for Election (Local and National) UK Mapping.
Oxford Cartographers (Oxcart ,FWT) - Ireland Street level Mapping (1:15k and 1:50k)

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