Map Of Constantinople

  • Istanbul: the largest city and former capital of Turkey; rebuilt on the site of ancient Byzantium by Constantine I in the fourth century; renamed Constantinople by Constantine who made it the capital of the Byzantine Empire; now the seat of the Eastern Orthodox Church
  • the sixth ecumenical council in 680-681 which condemned Monothelitism by defining two wills in Christ, divine and human
  • the council in 869 that condemned Photius who had become the patriarch of Constantinople without approval from the Vatican, thereby precipitating the schism between the eastern and western churches
  • The former name of Istanbul from ad 330 (when it was given its name by Constantine the Great) until the capture of the city by the Turks in 1453
  • A diagram or collection of data showing the spatial arrangement or distribution of something over an area
  • A diagrammatic representation of an area of land or sea showing physical features, cities, roads, etc
  • make a map of; show or establish the features of details of; "map the surface of Venus"
  • A two-dimensional representation of the positions of stars or other astronomical objects
  • a diagrammatic representation of the earth's surface (or part of it)
  • function: (mathematics) a mathematical relation such that each element of a given set (the domain of the function) is associated with an element of another set (the range of the function)
map of constantinople
map of constantinople - EUROPE: Europe
EUROPE: Europe Orientale en 1519; Inset map of Istanbul Constantinople, 1900
EUROPE: Europe Orientale en 1519; Inset map of Istanbul Constantinople, 1900
Antique Map: EUROPE: Europe Orientale en 1519; Inset map of Istanbul Constantinople. Title: 'Europe Orientale en 1519; Inset map of Constantinople'. Type: Antique map; Echelle de 1:15,000,000 Date of printing: 1900. Size: 29.5 x 23.5cm, 11.5 x 9.25 inches (Large), 710 sq cm. Artist, cartographer or engraver: Unsigned. Condition: Good; suitable for framing. Please check the scan for any blemishes prior to making your purchase. Verso: There are images and/or text printed on the reverse side of the picture. In some cases this may be visible on the picture itself (please check the scan prior to your purchase) or around the margin of the picture. Provenance: "Atlas Melin Historique et Geographique"; Published by Andre, Paris. Please note that virtually all antique and vintage maps and prints have been extracted from books, atlases or newspapers.. Subject categories: Europe Maps.

I didn't care if this was a map of Istanbul (or Constantinople) I loved this graphic and I can't wait to find a spot for it. I have a frame, but no spot. Bought it anyhow.
Foldout map of Constantinople
map of constantinople
Diary of an idle woman in Constantinople ... With map and illustrations.
Title: Diary of an idle woman in Constantinople ... With map and illustrations.

Publisher: British Library, Historical Print Editions

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Elliot, Frances;
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