Course Map - Overview

Below is a sample Google Motion Chart of a programme – this is the basis of the course visualisation. Once you have you own sheet you can adjust the parameters of this chart to visualise different aspects of your programme.


Assignment type hand-in

 The map, using the default settings is designed to show when assessments are due, their weighting and type. 

1.    On the x-axis (horizontal) click the dropdown menu and select academic week.

2.     One the y-axis (vertical), click the dropdown menu and select course ID.

3. On the top right of the chart ensure that it says ‘Assignment Type’.

4. On the right of the chart, click on the drop down menu where it says size and select ‘Assignment Weighting’.

5. On the bottom right hand side of the chart, select which courses you want to see. There is no need to select ‘term starts’ or ‘term ends’.

6. Your map is now ready to visualise.

7. On the bottom of the chart click on play to see your programme.


This will plot a map that shows the hand-in dates for each of the assignments in each course. The colour of the data points (circles) represents the type of assignment and the size of them the assignment weighting.