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In Short

Have you gone on Google Maps and found that the shops in your neighborhood are not at the right place? Or have you visited some place and found a prominent landmark is missing on the map, or a business has the wrong phone number? That can be frustrating but now there is something neat you can do about it!


With Map Maker, you can yourself fix these kind of things on Google Maps (& Google Earth) and ensure that all your favorite, important, nearby places appear accurately on maps for you and everyone to see. You can help your favorite local businesses get customers by putting them on the map or making them better search-able and navigable. You can improve the real estate value of your neighborhood by showing it off better on maps.

We will give you an overview of how you can do all this on Map Maker and point you to helpful user guide articles that contain detailed information for sprucing up your neighborhood on the map.

Image above: Moving a coffee shop from the middle of the road to its actual location and making it more easily search-able by giving it the right category.

Right! Now let’s get started on mapping your neighborhood...

But first, who’s allowed to make these changes?

Anyone with a Google Account can sign in and start mapping. Don’t have a Google account yet? Sign up for one here!

Starting off: Finding places to add or edit

There are two ways of mapping your neighborhood.

  • Browse-and-fill: just look through your neighborhood in a couple of interesting ways and map what’s missing.
  • Hunt-and-map: search for certain places or categories of places that you know about in your neighborhood: if you find the place, edit it by adding more information or correcting the location etc.; if you don’t find the place, add it on the map.

There are different tools you could use for search-and-map versus browse-and-fill and we will cover these below.

Search and Map:

Search for all the places you know or remember from a neighborhood, using one of the Map Maker search and find options.    

Example of a search for “Mainland China”.

Clicking on the place marker A brings up the information balloon (info window)

Another cool way to search for categories is actually with browse. Turn on the browse layer and narrow down to the particular category of places you are looking for. You could, for example, search for all the restaurants in a given viewport.

    Once you’ve found a missing place that you want to add, or edit an existing place...

Editing an existing place

  • If you notice something out of place for an already mapped feature, you can choose to edit it and update or correct the relevant piece of information
  • Move the marker for point features like restaurant to the accurate location - You can simply drag and drop it at the right location.
  • Editing the attribute of the place
  • Deleting a place that is out of business - Hit ‘Delete’ on the info window and remove the place by choosing an appropriate reason.
  • And much more!  Click here to find more.

Screenshot showing a well mapped area with few restaurants, shopping centers, park etc

Tips and Tricks
  • “I know my neighborhood well. and so does the guy next door” you say. “What if different people end up marking the same place?” If the place you are adding is likely to be a duplicate of an existing feature, you will be presented with a list of possible duplicates. If the feature you’re adding is present in the list select the duplicate item and click ‘continue’. Your changes will be applied to the selected duplicate and presented in the left editing panel. Learn more about duplicate detection

  • If there is a cluster of points/markers at a place, zoom in usually helps to select the intended feature.
  • Always capitalize the first letter of each word whenever you map a feature for consistency.
  • If a place (shopping center, building etc) has many businesses in it, map the main building as a shape and the other businesses inside it as points.
  • Choose the best category for accurate display of the icon & shape. In the absence of the most accurate category, choose the closest one.
  • While making changes, leave comments for reviewers to get your changes approved quickly

How will my changes go to Google Maps?

Once you create or edit a feature, it gets reviewed by others before its published. This allows you to get feedback and improve the quality of your edits over time. Once reviewed and accepted, the edits are published on Google Maps within a few minutes.

Become a Reviewer

Stay updated of the changes happening around your area using Subscriptions. This way, you can also choose to be notified, by email, of the changes being made in your area.

You can review changes made around the area of your interest to ensure the accuracy of the places in your area and be a mapping stalwart.

Take credit for your edit

If you are a top mapper in a region, your named will be displayed on the bottom left corner of the tool for the whole world to see!

You can also send your friends a link to your maps and show them how easy it is to use Map Maker. Find out how.

Create your own mapping community

Have you mapped to your heart’s content? Do you want to involve more of your friends in the effort? Getting together with your friends is a great way to finish your map, and have some fun along the way. Learn more.

Be social

Share ideas and interests with other mappers and find out more about Mapping by visiting the Map Your World Community forum where you can read through existing conversations or start a new one!


If you come across any issue or if you would like to report feedback you can do so by clicking Submit feedback at the right top corner.

If you have done a particularly impressive job of mapping your area, please send an email to <mapping@google.com> with a link to your area so that we may include it in the mapping showcase.