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In Short

Great! So now that we have learnt quite a bit on how to add and edit features, let’s find out what more you can do on Map Maker.


With Map Maker, you can use your local knowledge to enhance maps and make your Neighbourhoods better.You can review edits of your co-mappers, to add or correct the information and also assist new mappers with their edits.

Review others edits and provide feedback

When a feature is added or edited, it does not usually go live on maps immediately. It needs to be reviewed by either other mappers or the in house Google Reviewers as this information impacts people using various Google maps and other related products.  This ensures that the information on Google maps is error free. Mapmaker lets you review anyone’s edits! But there are certain Reviewing Guidelines that one needs to keep in mind. Let’s also ensure that we encourage fellow mappers and provide a valid reason whilst not approving any edit, so as to guide/educate the new mapper.
Check how to review edits. If you feel that the edit is adequate and accurate you can approve the edit. If a feature has inaccurate information or if it does not exist you can deny the edit and if a feature has inadequate information or if you’re unsure about it- you can request for more information . If you come across any information that does not conform with the Google Map Maker Terms of Service and seems inaccurate, spammy or incorrect, you can report it as Spam . 

While reviewing other mapper edits, let us always remember to be polite and constructive . When we do this, we do our bit of encouraging and
bringing in positiveness . Using
"Request Details" option for pending edits and the “ Rate the edit” button for published, you will be able to provide feedback.  You can also join forums/ discussion groups to take part in various topics or to seek response from other mappers. Also, if you feel that your edit should not have been denied, please voice it out by clicking on I Object button on your edit on Mapmaker.

Keeping track of all the changes around your Neighborhood

This feature allows you to keep abreast with all the changes that happen in a particular region. To keep yourself updated, you will first need to
Subscribe to Neighborhoods. You can choose to subscribe to receive email notifications(optional) of the changes too. You will then start
receiving emails when any new changes are made in the subscribed neighborhood. Now you’re all set to keeping the subscribed Neighborhood updated with the right information!
Click here to see how to subscribe to a neighborhood .
You can create multiple neighborhoods , but it would be a wise thing to create neighborhoods in areas that you know well, so that you would be
able to apply your local knowledge to the best use.
Your added neighborhoods can be found under Community Edits --> Manage Subscriptions (on Mapmaker).

Browse or search through our Help Center

This is the site that will assist you at every step of mapping, be it a beginner level or even after you’ve become a pro at mapping! The Help
center has
help articles(provide an overview of Map Maker) and user guides (have detailed help information on mapping) for your use

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

This page on the Map Your World Community will answer all your questions in relation with Mapmaker. If you still have questions with regards to anything about Mapmaker, you can post them on the forum and your co-mappers will help you out.

Put yourself on the Map!

Get introduced and connect with fellow mappers by filling this form out and sharing information about all that you map. This way you could
make mapper friends, get to share tips and tricks and make Google Mapmaker better. This will show you
where others are Mapping and this grid will show all your details.
Alternatively, you can also introduce yourself on the  forum.
You may also want to check out our Forums by Region and Language .

Get Featured!

If you think you have done a good job with your mapping, why not show it off?  Send an email to with a link to your feature so that we can include it in the Mapmaker Gallery.
Check out Google Map Maker Pulse to see what your co-mappers around the world are mapping (live). In this article, you can learn all about what else you can do on Map Maker.
You can also share your edits via your Google +, Facebook and Twitter accounts, on the top of the left hand panel.