How to Quickly Edit Intersections

by Saikrishna Arcot


You've just found out that your area has new imagery in Google Map Maker. Unfortunately, many intersections are now not aligned to the center of the road, and using Select a Line for each (or every two) intersections isn't convenient. Is there any way to make this easier? Yes, by using Browse!


  1. Go to an area where the intersections are not aligned.

  2. Click on Browse, and then Line Features.

  3. Type in Intersection. You should now see a marker at each intersection.
  4. You can click the marker at each intersection and then click on Edit this intersection under the Edit menu to move the intersection.

Tips and Tricks

  • After you edit an intersection and open Browse again, you will still see the intersections, which means that you don't have to click on Line Features and type in Intersection every time.
  • You can type in Road instead to have all of the road segments highlighted so that you can select and edit one by one (if you are removing the Bicycle Safety or the Segment Usage.)