How to add the precise location of an Address (formerly 'Address/Plot')

by Beemidi Kiran


For those passionate mappers who always wanted to add their own house to the map and have been denied for reasons that this is "personal information", here is the right way to add your home's precise location on Google Maps.


Adding your own home or a private residence as a Place on Map Maker can be challenging and will be denied if it has any personal information included. The reason why personal information is not allowed is because Google Maps is crowd-sourced data and private and personal information is not allowed on the maps. Thus, you will see the message to "undo" your edit; or it may even be denied. So, here is the "proper" way to mark the location of your house on Google Maps.

Step 1: Under the red "ADD NEW" menu, select 'Add a Place'. 

Step 2: Drop the marker at the desired location.

Step 3: In the new dialog box that appears, type "Address" for your category.

Click to choose the Address category and press the blue 'Continue' button.

Step 4: Now completely fill in each field that is blank (use the Address Line box to add a suite number if applicable; otherwise, it is appropriate to leave this field blank). You cannot add personal information like your name or phone number. In order for your Address to be approved, it must include the complete address information including the 'Postcode' (where applicable). 

Step 5: After having filled the necessary fields, click on 'Save' to finish adding the location on the maps. Your edit may need to be reviewed by other map editors, such as yourself, where it will be approved or receive comments based on the appropriateness and completion of the feature.