How to add a road

by: Alejandro Cabrales


To all new mapmakers they want to add a roads or streets that not added on google maps.Here's the 5 steps to do it one by one.



Step 1:Go to the location where you wish to add a road.

Step 2:Click the "add new" then click "add roads'rivers,railways"

Step 3:click the category "road" before making a line.

Step 4:Now make the line where the exact area of the road.After inserting the line press "enter"

Step 5:After making the line you can now insert the information of the road you know and also the name of the road you added then click "save"

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>tips for adding a road<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

1.)Intersection line:

If you see like this after you inserting the line.Don't worry this is better because you making the connect to the other line of the road that already editted.

2.)name of the road:

what if you don't know the name of the road it will be deny?the answer is no because on mapmaking unnamed roads are allowed to add on the maps.

3.)adding line limit:

every we add a road there's a limit line the maximum is 5 KM shown on the below.