Editing Road Names/Attributes

by CMA


It is hard to find how to change the existing name of a road or a segment for a new mapper. Aim of this article is to guide them through the process from the start to end.

Edit road names

1. Click 'Edit' in the top menu bar. (near the 'Add new' red button)

2. Then 'Select road segments'.

3.Then wait for a while to change the color of all the marked roads.

4. Then select the segments where you need to remove the name. You can select several segments connected to each other.
(you can verify if it is continuos if green pointers are not in the middle of the selected lines)

5. Then select 'Next' from the left menubar and 'Edit road names' from the list.


6. Then add/ remove names and save.

Edit road attributes

1. Select 'Edit road attributes' at the step 5 above.

2. Change details as appropriate.

3. Save changes.