Editing Multiple POI's stacked on top of each other

by Mike Schubert


Editing multiple stacked POI's—as are commonly found in strip malls, shopping centers and business parkscan easily be addressed with the following process.


First Things First
Look up the property management web site for the building, it may show a diagram with the location of each tenant. Most large shopping malls and strip malls will have a directory and map available of the tenant locations within the building. Doing this will help you to correctly place the multiple POI's that you are going to be moving around on the map. If this information is not available then do your very best to correctly drop the markers in the right location. For more information on editing and moving a place, please refer to the Places: businesses, landmarks, and more section of the Map Maker help.

Unstacking the Stack
On the map, right-click in the area of your interest and select "find near this point". In the example below there are two visible POI indicators on the map, but five businesses shown. I want to move the location for Sephora to the correct location. The problem is that it is buried under four other markers.

To resolve the location for this one specific business, choose "Edit" on the left-side panel then "Edit this Place".

Correct the Place and Save
Once you are within the edit screen for that business, you can grab the marker for the location and move it to the correct spot. Add any missing business information (phone, hours, website) and save the edit.

Hopefully this helps to simplify the process of correcting the stacked POI issues in your area.