Creating Political Features in Advanced way

by Peter Traikoff


  • Political features at Google Map Maker are very limited in every aspect.
  • We can't add more than 500 nods which results with low-quality polygon.
  • We can't connect two neighboring polygons with 100% accuracy due to the necessity of deep zooming in order to place the nods approximately on same spot.
  • Google Map Maker is not fully synchronized with the Google Maps Base and they act separately when adding the State/District borders. (the Google Maps Base can manipulate with the State borders that are shown on Google Maps, not Map Maker).
  • Easy manipulation with the polygons is not available which means that, if we happen to have a situation when a certain city has the same boundary as a district or municipality, we cannot use a smart option "Copy" but we need to re-create the same polygon manually which requires lot of time and nerves.
  • This concern refers mostly for the European and Asian countries due to their poor database unlike USA, Canada and others who "came into" Map Maker almost fully mapped.
  • We are unable to manipulate the title (name) of a certain political feature (city, village, locality etc.) i.e we are unable to place the name at the position that we think it's the best, but the system itself uses algorithms that position the name in the center of the polygon, and that's not always the correct place.


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