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April Hill Park News

April 14th 

Celebrating Earth Day  at a Planting Party
9:00am to 12-noon

The Friends ofApril Hill Park hosted a planting party.  Here are some photos from that work party.

For more information, please contact the Friends at
On Saturday, September 10, 2011, April Hill hosted the Movie & BBQ in the Park -- our first major event at this beautiful park.  Get details at Special Events

Fall work parties -- look for details coming soon.

Coyotes in our Neighborhood: Many neighbors have expressed concern about coyotes attacking outdoor cats.  It’s true that coyotes are predators, just like our sweet fluffy cats and dogs, and it’s true that they are very versatile in their diet.  Included here are three articles about coyotes, outdoor cats, and how folks can more peacefully coexist on our increasingly cramped planet.

"God's Dog" in the Alameda Neighborhood” from the Audubon Society of Portland

“Your Cat, Indoors or Out” from the Oregon Human Society

 “The Biogeography of the North American Coyote (Canis latrans)”  from San Francisco State University.  

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