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Maple Street


Maple Street Magnet School for the Arts is a 6th-8th grade middle school which operates within the Kalamazoo Public Schools.  As a magnet school, students from throughout the school district have the option to attend this school which has specialized arts programming on top of its rigorous core academic program.  The arts are also infused into core content along with literacy and writing skills. 


Maple Street is a PBLS (Positive Behavior and Literacy Supports) school.  We use a data-driving system to ensure continued growth in literacy and promote positive behavior among all of our students.  As part of our PBLS program, we ask that students at Maple Street Go Pro.  This acronym stands for:


G - Give 100%

O - Be Organized

P - Be Prompt 

R - Be Respectful

O - Take Ownership



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