Workshop #01: Using Google Geo-tools to map and visualize Conservation

For: Conservation Practitioners of all levels of qualifications who would like to visualize and share their work using Google Earth, Google Maps and other Google Geo-tools.

What will we cover? This workshop will introduce you to using Google Earth and Maps for supporting decision making, increasing public awareness, and creating innovate maps for your project or organization.

During the conference we will run daily session during lunch-time. Here we'll provide an overview of the various tools on offer. 

In the two-day post-conference workshop we will explain and explore the variety of techniques available in Google Earth, Maps, Fusion Tables & ODK through demonstrations, hands-on exercises and discussion.

Co-sponsored by

Google Earth Outreach gives non-profits and public benefit organizations the knowledge and resources they need to visualize their cause and tell their story in Google Earth & Maps to the hundreds of millions of people who use them.

The MAPA Project catalogues and maps conservation in Africa. 

When? We will host a variety of short demonstrations, and longer hands-on workshops between the following dates:

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