Rock climbing in the Isle of Man

The old rocking climbing guide started with:
Ellan Vannin - the Isle of Man, famous all over the world for TT Races, tail-less cats and the Tynwald, is not usually associated with rock climbing. 

About this site

This site is purely a personal perspective on climbing in the Isle of Man, it is not intended to be a definitive guide to what is happening here.  I'm not particular good at climbing although I do climb pretty regularly.  I climb not just here, on the island, but pretty much anywhere I can.  So the idea behind this site to bring together as much information as I can find about climbing in the Isle of Man.  However if you have any ideas for improving it or updated information then please contact me via Facebook

I am also a regular at HotRocks Climbing Wall.

I am a member of the local Search and Rescue Dogs Association, our Mountain Rescue team.

Malcolm Stewart