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Child Care and Kindergartens ~ 1902-1940

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Castle Foundation Papers

A Finding Aid for the Castle Foundation Papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Mission Houses Museum, Collections of the Hawaiian Mission Children's Society
Creator: Samuel N. and Mary Castle
Title: Castle Foundation Papers
Dates: 1898-1936
Extent: 5 file drawers, approx. 9ft. shelf, and 2 Hollinger boxes
Abstract: Business and family affairs of the family of Samuel Northrup Castle (1808–1894), and Mary Tenney Castle (1819–1907). Includes papers pertaining to Castle Estate matters, formation of the Castle Foundation and correspondence with religious, educational and child welfare institutions worldwide. Letterbooks, ledgers, cables, telegrams, receipts and personal correspondence.
Collection number: MS-007
Location: Mission Houses Museum Library, Vault, Bank 12

Biographical Note

Samuel Northrup Castle (l808-1894) with his wife Angeline Tenney Castle (1810-1841) arrived in Hawaii in 1837 as members of the eighth company of American Protestant missionaries. Mr. Castle was assistant superintendent of secular affairs, first working with Levi Chamberlain and later with Amos Starr Cooke, with whom he formed the business firm of Castle & Cooke in 1853, anticipating the close of the Sandwich Islands Mission. The mission was closed in 1863, by which time Castle & Cooke was well established.

Castle's first wife, Angeline, died in 1841 leaving a small daughter who accompanied her father on a return trip to New England for the purpose of marrying Angeline's younger sister, Mary Tenney Castle (1819-1907). Mary was to bear him ten children and outlive her husband by thirteen years.

Samuel Castle was active in both government and community affairs as well as being an influential member of the Honolulu business community for over four decades. The Castle family took a keen interest in education. Samuel served as trustee and treasurer of Punahou School for forty years. Mary and their daughter Harriet Castle Coleman (who dropped the Coleman and used her maiden name during the last decades of her life) were instrumental in starting and funding the kindergarten and childrens’ aid movement in Hawaii and supporting these centers and schools with land grants, funding and their own personal supervision for the rest of their lives.

Samuel served the government under the monarchy on the Privy Council, and in both the House of Representatives and the House of Nobles.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The collection includes both business and family papers pertaining to estate matters, the setting-up of trusts and foundation, and the daily operation of funding. Correspondence with religious, education, and child welfare institutions worldwide with related letter-books, ledgers, minutes books of trustees meetings, cables, telegrams, reciepts and personal correspondence.

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Arrangement of the Papers

Correspondence of Individuals
Castle Estate Matters
Business Investments
Child Care and Kindergartens
Chamber of Commerce, Honolulu Churches
Educational Institutions
Societies and Institutions

The papers are arranged into 10 series

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Restrictions on Access:

The Castle Foundation Papers are open for research. All requests for permission to republish or quote from the manuscript collections must be submitted in writing to the Mission Houses Museum.

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Castle, Samuel Northrup, 1808-1894
Liliuokalani, Queen of Hawaii, 1838-1917


Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation

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charities (nonprofit organizations)
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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Item, folder title, box number, Castle Foundation Papers, Collections of the Hawaiian Children's Society, Mission Houses Museum.

Acquisition Information

This collection is composed of three separate gifts from the Trustees of the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation. The three gifts were received in 1957, 1979, and 1987.

Processing Information:

This collection was processed by Hawaii Mission Children's Society.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Correspondence of Individuals ~ Bank 12 / Drawer A

Adkins, Raymond (mainland cousin) N.Y., 1929

Arnold, Chas. N. (fund for his family) 1929

Ault, May, (Mrs. Wm.) request letter, 1935

Bateman (Calif.)

Beiter, Rudolf E. (Manoa house repairs), 1933

Bindt, Henry (letters by Dorthea Emerson re his education), 1913-16

Bourne, Florence Kearns, 1935

Bremman, Anna, 1901-1905

Castle, Alfred Lowery (1884-1972), 1908-1935

Castle, Alice Hedemann (Mrs. H. K. L.) 1934, 1936

Castle, George Parmelee (1851-1932), 1907-1934

Castle, Harold Kainalu Long, 1931-35

Castle, Hattie Ethelwyn Alfred (1872-1940) 1908-29

Castle, Harriet Angeline Coleman (1847-1924), 1906-1924 (took back Castle name, children took Castle)

Castle, Ida Mary Tenney (Mrs. George P.) (1856-1944), 1936 and some undated

Castle, James Bicknell (1855-1918), 1875-1909 school & trip to mainland and Europe

Castle, Mabel Wing (Mrs. Henry N.) (1864-1950) 2nd wife, 1900-1936

Castle, Mary A. (mainland cousin), 1908-1934

Castle, Samuel Northrup Coleman (took mother's name) (1850-1959), 1916-1936

Castle, William Richards (1849-1936), 1900-1930

Castle, William Richards, Jr. (1878-1963)

Clancey, Ada 1935

Corey, 1935

Crockett, A.W. & family (Mrs. C. was a relative of Mabel Wing Castle, Mrs. H.N.) correspondence, 1900-1929

Diem, W.J. (Manoa House), 1924-1930

Doty, J. Lamb, 1926-1931

Egan, Celia, 1930-1934

Eaton, Franc (teacher on Maui), 1916

Ellis, John Howard, 1935

Estabrook, Florence, 1928-1934

Fernald, Grace L., 1929-1931

Fisher, Grace M. (sec. to Sidney Gulick in Japan), 1912

Flyer, Annie M., 1920-1936

Fyfe, Julia L. (California), 1908-1909

Goold, Frances M. (d.1927), 1923-1929 (re Manoa Property)

Gulick Family, 1911-1930

Hatch, Bertha, 1907 (re student loan)

Hitchcock Family, 1901-1935 - Mary Tenney Castle (1938-1926) married Edward G. Hitchcock (1832-1899)

Hunt, Gertrude A., 1935 - Miss Hunt was Executive Secretary for the Foundation.

Kau, Mabel, 1909 (re student loan)

Kroll, Leopold (Rev.), 1910, pastor at St. Andrews

Liliuokalani, Queen of Hawaii, 1907, on death of Mary Castle

Logan, Alice Price, 1934, missionary to Guam

Lowrie, W.J., 1898-1926, correspondence regarding lawsuit against Castle Estate

Lyman, David Belden, Jr., 1934

McBryde, Walter D. (Kauai), 1924

McIntosh, Alice Churchill Castle, Mrs. J.G. (1914-), 1934, 1936

Marx, Benjamin & Eloise Castle, 1918-1935

Mastin, Harriet T. (mainland cousin), 1924

Mead, George & Helen Castle, 1908-1936

Midkiff, Frank E., 1936, request for Krauss

Nef, Elinor H. Castle (1894-1953), 1913-1953

Newcomb, Burton E. & Beatrice Castle, 1921-1934

Panabaker, Edward E., 1907

Paris, Anna Matilda (1834-1917), 1916

Pawlinson, Arthur K., 1929

Peck, L. Tenney, 1902-1924 (secretary/treasurer Castle Estate)

Pope, Willis, 1910 (Department of Public Instruction)

Rhodes, Florence C., 1926 (educational loan)

Schoen Family & Mary Snow (Hitchcock Cousins, Hilo & California), 1933-1935

Stechners (Germany), relatives of the first Mrs. Henry N. Castle

Stocker, F.B., 1900

Stocks, Nada L., 1930-1933

Sung, Mary (Maui nurse), 1933

Tenney, Francis Louise (mainland cousin), 1909-1915

Thompson, W. (Manoa house repairs), 1907

Tozzer, A.M. & Mary Castle, 1931-1935

Vickery, Mary Castle Tenney, 1909-1933

Waller, G.J., 1929

Walker, Hildreth Hitchcock, Mrs. J.E., 1931-1933

Wolworth, Laurance A., 1930

Weaver, Philip, Mary, Ida (Maui), 1920-1926

Westervelt, Caroline Castle (1858-1941) & William D. (1849-1939) son Andrew, 1902-1935

Younklin, Florence (mainland cousin), 1919

Castle Estate ~ Bank 12 / Drawers A and B

Castle: Wills of Samuel and Mary Castle ~

Castle: Columbarium, proposed plans ~ 1921

Castle: Royal Land Patent for property at Kawaiaha'o, King St. ~ 1850, 1855

Castle: Early maps of Kawaiaha'o property ~ 1860+

Castle Estate matters ~ 1867-1939

Annual Corporation Exhibits ~ 1925-1935

Property Tax ~ 1926-1936

Miscellaneous undated property documents and maps ~

Pahau Estate and property at Kawaiaha'o ~ 1859-1908

Stangenwald Estate, John Dominis, administrator ~ 1869-1887

Business Investments ~ Bank 12 / Drawers B and C

Foreign, Canada, Canadian Bank of Commerce ~

Foreign, Japanese Government Bond ~

Foreign, Switzerland, City of Berne Bonds ~

Mainland, Best Tractor Company, California ~

Mainland, Cathedral Apartments, California ~

Mainland, Cyrus Pierce & Company, California ~

Mainland, East Bay Water Company, California ~

Mainland, Great Western Power Company, California ~

Mainland, Los Angeles Gas & Electric Company, California ~

Mainland, National City Company, California ~

Mainland, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, California ~

Mainland, Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, California ~

Mainland, Rollins and Sons, Investors, California ~

Mainland, San Joaquin Light and Power Company, California ~

Mainland, Southern California Edison Company, California ~

Mainland, Southern California Gas Company, California ~

Mainland, Western Gas and Electric Company, Illinois ~

Mainland, Western Group Securities Company, California ~

Hawaii, Alexander and Baldwin ~

Hawaii, Bank of Hawaii

Hawaii, Bishop First National Bank (name varies, later First Hawaiian Bank)

Hawaii, Castle & Cooke

Hawaii, Eva Plantation Company

Hawaii, Exeter Cottages (housing development)

Hawaii, Hawaii Bureau of Government Research

Hawaii, Hawaii Tourist Bureau

Hawaii, Hawaii Development Company

Hawaii, Hawaiian Electric Company

Hawaii, Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association (HSPA)

Hawaii, Hawaiian Trust Company, Limited

Hawaii, Honolulu Rapid Transit Company

Hawaii, Morgan, James F., Broker

Hawaii, Mutual Telephone Company

Hawaii, Pacific Building Company, Stangenwald Building

Hawaii, Sugar Industry - General

Hawaii, Waterhouse (Henry) Trust Company

Child Care and Kindergartens ~ 1902-1940 ~ Bank 12 / Drawer C

Child Care and Kindergartens ~ 1902-1940
- Includes information on the Castle Kindergarten on King Street in the old Castle Home, later in the Manoa Road home, the Kindergarten and Children's Aid organization and support, the teachers and helpers, their training and hiring. Also includes accounts, records and reciepts and reports. Papers are filed by date from 1902-1940, includes University of Hawaii Teachers' College, later the College of Education.

Chamber of Commerce, Honolulu Churches ~ Bank 12 / Drawer C

General, Federal Council of Churches ~

General, Hawaiian Evangelical Association (later United Church of Christ Hawaii Conference) ~

Foreign, Japan ~

Hawaii Island, Church of the Holy Apostles, Hilo ~

Hawaii Island, Haili Church, Hilo ~

Hawaii Island, Hawaiian Church at Helani ~

Hawaii Island, Hilo Chinese Church ~

Hawaii Island, Japanese Church, Olaa ~

Hawaii Island, Kohala Union Church ~

Hawaii Island, Pastors' Aid, Hawaii ~

Hawaii Island, Portuguese Church, Hilo ~

Maui Aid Association - includes churches on Molokai and Lanai

Oahu, Central Union Church

Oahu, Chinese Christian Church

Oahu, Church of the Crossroads

Oahu, Kalihi Union Church

Oahu, Kaumakapili

Oahu, Kawaiaha'o

Oahu, Korean Christian Church & Central Korean Church

Oahu, Makiki Japanese Church (later Makiki Christian)

Oahu, Nuuanu Japanese Church

Oahu, Pastor's Aid Society

Oahu, Protestant Episcopal Church (Church of England)

Government ~ Bank 12 / Drawer D

Federal, Internal Revenue Service & Treasury Dept. ~

Federal, War Bonds & Liberty Loan, W.W.I, 1918 ~

Territory, Dept. of Public Works ~

Territory, Industrial Accident Board ~

Territory, United Welfare Campaign ~

Hospitals ~ Bank 12 / Drawer D

Foreign, China, John G. Kerr Hospital for the Insane ~

Honolulu, Children's (Kauikeolani) ~

Honolulu, Kuakini (until 1940 Japanese Hospital) ~

Honolulu, Leahi ~

Honolulu, Queen's ~

Honolulu, Saint Francis ~

Honolulu, Shriner's ~

Honolulu, Social Service (Hospital) Association of Hawaii, includes mention of Hoolehua on Molokai ~

Missions ~ Bank 12 / Drawer D

Hawaii, Baptist Church ~

Hawaii, Episcopal Church (Church of England) ~

Hawaii, Gospel Home Mission (Palolo) ~

Hawaii, Methodist Church ~

Hawaii, Salvation Army ~

Mainland, American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) (later United Church for World Ministry) ~

Mainland, Claremont House, California (retirement home for missionaries) ~

Mainland, Industrial Mission Society, Alabama ~

Foreign, China & Japan, many separate missions ~

Educational Institutions ~ Bank 12 / Drawer D

Oahu, Ali'iolani College ~

Oahu, Hanahauoli School ~

Oahu, Hawaii School of Religion (later part of the University) ~

Oahu, Honolulu Chinese School ~

Oahu, Honolulu School for Boys ~

Oahu, Japanese Language Schools ~

Oahu, Kamehameha Schools ~

Oahu, Kawaiaha'o Seminary ~

Oahu, Mid-Pacific Institute ~

Oahu, Punahou School ~

Oahu, St. Andrews Priory ~

Oahu, St. Louis College ~

Hawaii Island, Hilo Boarding School ~

Hawaii Island, Kohala Girls School ~

Maui, Maunaolu Seminary (name varies; sometimes Maui Female Seminary) ~

Mainland, Chicago Theological Seminary ~

Mainland, Oberlin College, Ohio ~

Mainland, Stanford University, California ~

Foreign, International Institute for Girls, Spain ~

Foreign, Linglan Christian University, China ~

Societies & Institutions ~ Bank 12 / Drawer D

Hawaii, Alexander House (Maui) ~

Hawaii, Bishop Museum ~

Hawaii, Boy Scouts of America (Honolulu) ~

Hawaii, Girl Scouts of America (Honolulu) ~

Hawaii, Hawaiian Mission Children's Society ~

Hawaii, Honolulu Art Society (includes Hawaiian Academy of Design Kilohana Art League) ~

Hawaii, Honolulu Symphony ~

Hawaii, Humane Society ~

Hawaii, Institute of Pacific Relations ~

Hawaii, Japanese Children's Home ~

Hawaii, Kaiulani Home for Girls ~

Hawaii, Kalihi Settlement ~

Hawaii, King's Daughters' Home ~

Hawaii, Korean Christian Institute ~

Hawaii, Lunalilo Home ~

Hawaii, Okumura Boys home ~

Hawaii, Palama Settlement ~

Hawaii, Pan Pacific Union ~

Hawaii, Portuguese Charity Society ~

Hawaii, Prison Aid Society ~

Hawaii, Seamens' Institute ~

Hawaii, Social Hygiene Association ~

Hawaii, Susannah Wesley Home ~

Hawaii, Tuberculosis Association ~

Hawaii, Volcano Research Association ~

Hawaii, Weekday Religious Education ~

Hawaii, World Peace Work ~

Hawaii, Young Men's Christian Association ~

Hawaii, Young Women's Christian Association ~ (also see material in National Associations) ~

National and International, American Bible Society ~

National and International, American Red Cross ~

National and International, Intermountain Institute, Idaho ~

National and International, National Temperance Societies ~

National and International, Young Men's Christian Society (also see material in Hawaii Associations) ~

National and International, World Sunday School Association ~

Foreign, Christian Literature Society of Japan ~