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Cold Rolling

Grain Refinement via Cold Rolling

posted Feb 1, 2011, 3:28 PM by Hongtao Ding   [ updated Nov 21, 2011, 8:58 AM ]

Recently, grain refinement and grain misorientation have been experimentally studied for various materials with ultra-fine grained microstructures, which are achieved by the multi-pass cold rolling process.  A numerical framework is developed to model the evolution of grain size and grain misorientation based on a dislocation density-based material model.  Novel finite element models embedded with the dislocation density-based material subroutine are developed to model the plastic deformation and microstructural evolution during the multi-pass cold rolling process.

Figure 1. Deformation and dislocation fields predicted in pass-3 cold rolling of CP Ti.  

Figure 2. Schematics of one pass cold rolling.  RD: rolling direction; ND: normal direction. 

Figure 3. A typical TEM microstructure of cold rolled nickel with dislocation boundaries (Hansen et al., 2008)

Figure 4. Histograms of predicted (a-c) and measured (d-f) grain size for cold rolled of CP Ti

Figure 5. Predictions of average IDB misorientation angles by multi-pass cold rolling of aluminum

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