Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another
Proverbs 27:17

The above Scripture says it all; where we must help each other as men to sharpen each other spiritually, physically, and financially. At Man Up and Lead we work diligently to help strengthen you as a man to be what you can be as a man!

Where is there a place for guys?
Well it’s here, Man Up and Lead!
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Often guys feel the wrath of friends if they are perceived as not manly and the “man card” is revoked.  
We feel a change is needed, as a true man is one willing to do whatever it takes to put his family first, meet each family member’s needs, and all while still being the family protector.  As men, we have the opportunity of passing on a legacy of being a REAL man! At Man Up and Lead we will help your organization, church, non-profit, or business with men’s and families classes and training, support groups, and events specifically to help men.

Our classes and events, along with our radio show will help to change the perception of what is “manly.” The guests on our show are experts in their fields to help guide us and will help you answer questions. Listen in to marriage and family therapists, relationship builders, financial advisers, health and wellness medical profession experts, and many more! Listen in for challenges with a chance to win gift prizes.

By the way, we want women to be a part of this great ministry as well. The family events and parenting and Life Skills classes include the women in your family’s life! Also, there are single Moms who fill a dual-role of Mom and Dad so we encourage them also to be in our classes and events!

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