Manu's Apps for S60 (Speaker)

Useful apps based on Python for Symbian Mobile OS (S60)

Features of Speaker (v 1.0.3)

Main features

  • Speaks the following
    • Time
    • Date
    • Phone IMEI
    • Number of missed calls today
    • Who made the last missed call
  • Reboot
  • Speak and exit
  • Super shortcut 

Speak and Exit

This feature of Speaker is useful when you want to run speaker with minimal footprint on phone. If this mode is enabled Speaker will speak/do an action ( from the list of speak/actions above ) and then exit the application and will not run in background and consume memory or battery.

Note: To stop Speaker from exiting you can PRESS ANY KEY when the main screen is visible (for about 1 sec)  , which will then make the application to stay and the application will not exit

Super shortcut

If this mode is enabled, Speaker acts as a shortcut to a list of applications (Messaging, Gallery, Calendar, Camera, Web) . This works only for the Speak and exit mode , thus when Speaker is started in Super shortcut + Speak and exit mode then it will perfrom the default action and then launch the appplication specified in the super shortcut.

Thus you can easily set Speaker to be any of your left or right key buttons and assign Super shortcut to another application which speaker will launch.