Open Signed

Sign your applications using open signed

Steps for open signing

  1. Go to  you will get a screen like below

  • Enter the IMEI number in first field (to get IMEI number type "*#06#" in your Nokia phones
  • Enter your Email ID where you want the SIGNED application to be sent
  • Browse and select the SIS file you want to sign
  • Select the Capabilities you want for the application, if you don't know what they are just select ALL 
  • Enter the security code (it's really difficult !!!) , REMEMBER : Letters are in CAPS and from A to F only
  • Check the "Accept agreement" checkbox
  • Click send

Once all the information is correct and the application is upload you will get a screen like below

Then you will recieive a notification email in the Email you have specified like below

 Once you click on the link in mail you will be redirected to another page as shown below

 After sometime (within 5 minutes usually) you will receive another mail which contailns the signed application download link as shown below

Click on the link provided and save your application. Your application is now SIgned !!!