ShakeMaster - MANU


The true master of your Phone !!

ShakeMaster is a powerful and must have application for you S60 accelerometer enabled device. The application has different modes, but the main feature is that all the modes can be enabled at the same time.

This is an extension of ShakeLock, with the same shake logic enabling the phone to do more tasks than just unlocking the phone.

Different modes available in ShakeMaster (1.0.2)

  • ShakeSilence - Shake your phone to silence a call
  • ShakeHang - Shake your phone to hang a call {DoubleShake}
  • ShakeSpeaker - Shake your phone to activate loudspeaker while in call
  • ShakeMessage - Shake your phone to display message when a new message arrives
  • ShakeProfile - Shake your phone to toggle between "General" and "Silent" profiles {DoubleShake}

 Proposed (under development)

  • ShakeFlip - Shake your phone to flip through Gallery or Messages
  • ShakeApp - Shake your phone to launch an application {DoubleShake}