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2012 Meeting Minutes

MER Conference Call - March 23, 2012 - 1pm EST

Attendance: Marshall Gartenlaub, Danny Bee, Ron Bennett, Bob Wolff, Bob Mott, Phil Waldrop, Hank Kraebber, Gary Conkol, Mark Stratton
Regrets: Hugh Jack, David Wells, Steve Coe

Called to order at 1:00 p.m. Eastern.
  1. Update on SME – Mark Stratton provided a quick update of: SME’s continuing transition to new platforms supporting knowledge delivery and professional development; workforce development and collaborations with government agencies; and SME Education Foundation programs including the Edge Factor Show and the 2012 PRIME schools selected and potential schools and community colleges being considered for the future. The opportunities for mentoring and recruiting students from PRIME schools were highlighted as more and more students fill the pipeline from these programs.
  2. Bob Mott reported he had submitted the paper on the Four Pillars of Manufacturing and that Hugh Jack submitted the paper on the Curricula 2015 for the ASEE conference. He also noted that the National Center for Manufacturing Education will be looking for people to be involved in developing resources based on the Four Pillars.
  3. Marshal Gartenlaub described the work flow and potential roles of the MER Community in the Manufacturing Knowledge Base in the new Wiki environment. Among the opportunities are contributing content; serving as a router, pointing to experts; and in the review and edit roles. A new test site is set up to explore the wiki: http://dev.sme.org/wiki.aspx
  4. Ron Bennett reported he is working on the draft SME White Paper to include a stronger statement on why it’s important and make it more clear what the problem is being addressed. He also indicated SME participation in the March 8-10 ASME International Education Conference provided a major step forward to work with them on strengthening the design/build curriculum they have been challenged with by survey feedback in their Vision2030 activities. The presentation was made by Mark Stratton and entitled, “Manufacturing Engineering Body of Knowledge: Integrating Product, Process Design and Manufacturing.” Ron also reported that he is participating in an ASME sponsored ‘Sustainability, Innovation, and the Education of Engineering Methodologies’ session that will be held at the joint NAMRC and MSEC conferences June 5 at the University of Notre Dame.
  5. Marshall Gartenlaub highlighted eight areas proposed for organizing the MER Community:
1- Engineering, Technology, and Graduate Programs –Curr-2015, 4-Pillars
2- K-12 Education – STEM programs, SME-Foundation
3- Community Colleges, Technical Schools – Workforce Development
4- Professional Development - Certification
5- Accreditation – ABET,
6- Research – NAMRI
7- National /International – Policies
8- Coordination – WEB collaborations
Areas 4, 5, and 7 still need descriptions. Bob Mott offered to help with #7 with input from Raju. The question was raised as to where continuing education fits in. Once resolved these will drive content for the MER web page and organizing activity. Currently, the tech group pages of communities are being activated and planned to be phased in over the next few months which will support the functionality that is possible with the new system as it is implemented.

The next meeting was scheduled for April 17 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
Meeting adjourned at 2:28 p.m.

MER Conference Call - Feb 28, 2012 - 1pm EST

Attendees: Danny Bee, Ron Bennett, Steve Coe, Gary Conkol, Scott Danielson, Marshall Gartenlaub, Vincent Howell, Hugh Jack, Hank Kraebber, Bob Mott, Paul Nutter, V. Raju, Mark Stratton, Phil Waldrop, David Wells

1. Role call and introductions.
2. Welcome to Marshall Gartenlaub as the new Chair.
3. Announcement – New Manufacturing Strategy report – Mark Stratton
4.       Update on Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP) – Mark Stratton
  • There are major efforts to decide how to move forward.
  • Many participants have been involved from industry, government, and schools.
5.       Update on Center for Education – Ron Bennett and Mark Stratton
  • A white paper on the C2015 was sent to the board two weeks prior and we are waiting for a response.
  • The Center for Education will make a presentation to the ASME on topics including the C2015.
6.       Update on SME Foundation programs, PRIME Schools and Edge Factor – Mark Stratton
7.       Using the SME Web site for MER Community – functionality and future use – Marshall Gartenlaub and Mark Stratton
  • The SME website has been updated and is much more capable. Each member has a profile (http://i.sme.org/myprofile/profile/). If you have not logged in before there may be a few extra steps to start.
  • Expand profiles to promote the MER message.
8.       Expanding MER Community Engagement – Marshall Gartenlaub
  • There are many areas of current contacts including research, training, accreditation, NAM, and certification groups.
  • New groups to consider are national policy and web based coordination.
  • Find MER members to reach out to these other groups.
9. Next Meetings
  • SME Annual Meeting June 2, 2012 Cleveland;
Saturday June 2 is being considered - confirmation to follow.
  • Next Phone calls are tentatively scheduled on the dates below. Please note that 90 minute meeting times will be used.
Tuesday March 20 at 1pm EST
Tuesday April 17 at 1pm EST

Addendum - Areas for MER Community

1- 4- Year College & Graduate Programs –Curr-2015, 4-Pillars
2- K-12 Education – STEM PLTW
3- Community Colleges, Tech Schools
a. Workforce Development
b. Skilled Labor
d. NAM
4- Professional Development
a. Certified Levels SME
b. Certified other agencies
5- Accreditation – ABET
6- Research – NAMRI
7- National – Policies
8- Coordination – WEB collaborations