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2011 Minutes

Manufacturing Education and Research Community Meeting Dec 9, 2011

attendees: Dan Bee, Ron Bennet, Steve Coe, Val Hawks, Hugh Jack, Hank Kraebber, Bob Mott, V. Raju, Arif Sirinterlicki, Mark Stratton, Phil Waldrop, David Wells, Bob Wolff

regrets: Scott Danielson

1. Call to order

2. Updates:
  • The Accreditation Committee and program criteria
  • (ABET TAC) The four pillars concept is being used by the committee for planning and review. With regards to the four pillars - What should a manufacturing engineering technology graduate know? The committee is interested in opinions and feedback.
  • (ABET EAC) The manufacturing criteria are changing and a workshop may be offered in March or April at the ABET conference.
  • There is a major initiative in advanced manufacturing education including major schools with a request to increase the manufacturing program content. There are many upcoming regional meetings that are also available as webcasts. More detail can be found at http://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/eop/ostp/pcast/amp. Ron Bennett will be attending at least one of the events (Mon. Dec. 12, 2011) and will promote the four pillars, C2015, curriculum development, and the creation of named manufacturing programs. The MER expressed interest in developing education programs for undergraduates and graduates that compliment the research programs.
  • The SME Knowledge delivery system is in beta testing. The current focus is the TMEH editing. It will allow updates to the websites driven by members. The result will be that pages like those of the MER (http://www.sme.org/cgi-bin/getsmepg.pl?/communities/education/edu_community_hp.htm&&&SME&) can be updated regularly. If changes to the existing pages are needed they can be sent to Mark Stratton.
3. setting priorities
Information Committee

Strategic Planning Committee

MER Steering Committee

4. organizing/structuring the Community
5. web pages
6. tech groups
7. other business

Manufacturing Education and Research Community Meeting Oct 18 2011

attendees: M. Gartenlaub, H. Jack, H. Kraebber, B. Mott, P. Nutter, V. Raju, M. Stratton, D. Wells, B. Wolff

regrets: G. Conkol, S. Danielson, V. Hawks, R. Bennett, S. Coe

  1. Call to order
  2. Raju led a discussion on setting new priorities for the group. This was prompted by a list of ten items and questions about putting Curricula 2015 recommendations into a format of action items, and the structure of the MER Community focused on organizing groups around issues derived from the Curricula 2015 report and other issues.
    1. Manufacturing technology roadmap (by an information committee?)
      • A look at the future of manufacturing technologies and their implications
    2. Manufacturing skills – industry survey (by an information committee?)
      • a survey of US manufacturing industry and the need for skills and competencies
    3. Manufacturing curricula (a joint effort between the MER and the accreditation committees)
      • review, development and revisions to the curricula
    4. Manufacturing in non-manufacturing curricula (done by the Accreditation Committee)
      • reaching out to other professional societies / educational entities to incorporate manufacturing in non-manufacturing curricula
    5. Faculty development (part of a strategic group)
      • implementation of formal academic programs; focused industry / SME sponsored programs and others
    6. Survey of global manufacturing industry and education (by an information committee?)
      • understanding the realities of global manufacturing industry and the skills requirements;
      • bench marking degree programs / comparative study / international accreditation
    7. Manufacturing Research (done by NAMRI)
      • Manufacturing related research, technology development and deployment, national policy on funding for research, industry involvement in research
    8. Recruitment (by a strategic planning committee?)
      • people, processes, tools, support mechanisms
    9. Financial matters (by a strategic planning committee?)
      • scholarships / grants, infrastructure support, support for faculty / program development
    10. Educational standards and accreditation (done by the Accreditation Committee)
      • industry needs, skills and competencies, programs, program criteria / quality, instructional material and tools, accreditation; support for accreditation
    • Action Items Include;
      • Raju will lead the efforts to refine the list of ten items for farther discussion.
        • Items 1, 2, 6 will be combined and discussed by Raju and Hugh.
        • Items 5, 8, 9 will be combined and a strategy to address these will be developed.
        • Items 3, 4 is actively being engaged by the NCME and an expected NSF grant.
        • Items 7, 10 are being handled by other groups.
  3. Meeting adjourned.

Revised Priorities List - Post Meeting Update

  • Priorities
    1. Manufacturing Technology Roadmap (what would the manufacturing technology be like in the future and how to help use it to get to the destination)
    2. Understanding of Global manufacturing industry (what is the status of the global industry and where is it headed)
    3. Determination of the skills requirements (what skills will be needed in the global context and for the future competitiveness)
    4. Development of faculty (How do we provide such skills to the future manufacturing professionals)
    5. Recruitment of students and supporting them (engaging the public and supporting those who opt to gain manufacturing skills)
  • Related Work:
    1. Developing the Curricula, establishing standards, and evaluating the output (Conversion of skills / competencies into contents and developing skilled personnel) to be done by the Accreditation Committee with liaison support from MER
    2. Research - Technology to be developed and deployed (To be done by NAMRI) MER has a stake in the works of NAMRI

MER Meeting Minutes - Friday September 23, 2011

attendees: Marshall Gartenlaub, Val Hawks, Hugh Jack, Hank Kraebber, Natalie Lowell, Bob Mott, Paul Nutter, Mark Stratton, Raju, V., Bob Wolff

  1. Call to order 11am ET
  2. A number of key topics for papers to develop to present at the 2012 ASEE Annual Conference and lead volunteers were identified. They included: the Four Pillars of Manufacturing with Bob Mott; C2015 with Hugh Jack; health of manufacturing programs based on survey of educators in the US; trends in manufacturing internationally with Raju; manufacturing education and policy topic with Raju.
  3. A three stage program for disseminating the Curricula 2015 Report and the Four Pillars of Manufacturing was described by Ron Bennett. It features communications to groups within SME, to the education community and professional organizations.
  4. Discussion on putting Curricula 2015 recommendations into a format of action items and a process for recruiting folks to act on action items was deferred. Raju, Marshall Gartenlaub and Hugh Jack will continue to work on this.
  5. Discussion on the structure of the MER Community focused on organizing groups around issues derived from the Curricula 2015 report and other issues. A suggested list included: curriculum revision and development, faculty development, reaching out to other disciplines and employees, finance, education standards, and international opportunities. Raju will lead further discussion on this at the next meeting.
  6. A new SME Wiki on content in the Tool and Manufacturing Engineers Handbook, TMEH volumes one through nine, was described by SME staff, Natalie Lowell. She is heading up the project to digitize and update the TMEH content as part of the new SME knowledge delivery system. Each of the TCN Communities will have lead volunteers involved in the beta testing over the next month. Community volunteers will also be engaged in roles to facilitate reviewing and editing new content. The wiki will support the individual creation of unique, new publications/resources from existing content. The peer review process for new content is envisioned to provide a high level of recognition for content contributors/authors. The presentation on the new SME Wiki site was recorded. Streaming recording link: [1] Download recording link: [2] Image:mer_09_23_2011.png Figure 1. On the new SME Wiki, you can publish, create new publications from existing information and participate as a reviewer and editor.
  7. The schedule for future meetings which have typically been held on the 4th Friday will be validated and adjusted as needed through an coming poll that Mark Stratton will initiate.
  8. Adjourned noon ET

Meeting Notes SME MER Community Steering Committee August 25, 2011

1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Conference call, Dayton, Ohio

Attendees: Bob Wolfe, Paul Nutter, Gary Conkol, Scott Danielson, LaRoux Gillespie, Raju, Winston Erevelles, Ron Bennett, Phil Waldrop, Bob Mott, Steve Coe, Henry Kraebber, Steve Wendell

Staff: Mark Stratton

  1. Raju reported that manufacturing engineering curriculum and programs especially at the masters level are of high interest to international companies and they are supporting efforts to establish programs at universities in India and elsewhere.
  2. The motion on the Curricula 2015 report was approved unanimously by electronic ballot:
  3. The Curricula 2015 Report has been reviewed by the MER Community and is considered an accurate representation of the current condition of manufacturing education in the U.S. It is recognized that the Report contains many recommendations that are worthy of consideration for the future of manufacturing education. It is recommended that the Center for Education pursue activities that support and extend the review and use of the Curricula 2015 Report and develop recommendations and coordinate activities and actions as appropriate.”
    • Action items:
      1. Hugh Jack, Ron Bennett and Mark Stratton – develop a communications plan that includes securing feedback from: SME Foundation, the SME Executive Committee, Accreditation Committee, Certification Committee, ASEE Manufacturing Division members, accredited manufacturing programs, the NAM Manufacturing Institute, the NCME and others as appropriate.
      2. Raju, Marshall Gartenlaub and Hugh Jack were asked to put C-2015 recommendations into format of action items and a process for recruiting folks to act on action items.
      3. Steve Wendell offered to assist recruiting feedback and volunteers through the NCME contacts.
  4. Roles of SME Center for Education and MER Community – the roles need clarification. An organizational structure for the Center for Education is emerging but no consensus yet on a reporting structure within SME. Good discussion on an approach of organizing around the Curricula 2015 categories of recommendations and recruiting people interested in acting on them organized as “task groups.”
    • Action items:
      1. Bob Mott to send around draft of initial topics/issues for restructuring the MER Community.
      2. Raju was asked to put the list of topics in form of action plan and recruit task group to revisit the current charter for the MER Community as a top priority to make clear what the role of the MER Community should be.
  5. Adjournment

SME Manufacturing Education and Research Community Monthly Meeting - July 22, 2011

attendees: R. Bennett, L. Gillespie, H. Jack, H. Kraebber, B. Mott, M. Stratton, B. Wolff

regrets: S. Coe, V. Hawks

  1. Roll call
  2. SME Center for Education:
    • The center is trying to set priorities.
    • There were 'listen to industry' focus groups - the four pillars were part of that.
      • In summary;
        • The word 'manufacturing' is misunderstood by the public.
        • They want to be more competitive and see.
        • The four pillars.
          • Discussion was positive.
          • They had suggestions for changes in emphasis.
          • The largest mention was green issues.
          • Making things more exciting would be beneficial.
          • Reinforced the message - think globally, act locally.
        • There was a lot of interest in increasing the pipeline.
        • Gave them access to the recommendations and directed them to the survey.
        • Considered access to facilities for the public.
        • There is a large need for 2 year degree skill sets.
        • They are looking for big picture thinkers who can work in a global environment.
        • Being responsive is very important.
        • They want to be engaged and want to see action.
        • Efforts to make manufacturing interesting are valuable.
        • Designers should know manufacturing.
    • The Center is forging ties with other organizations, such as the ASME, to promote manufacturing.
    • Other professional societies are working on developing revision plans for their curriculum, including manufacturing elements.
    • The ties to ABET and peer societies are critical.
    • The Education Center transition planning process is underway and a mission should be ready for MER review by mid-August.
  3. Condensing results of June 4 Education Forum at the SME Annual Meeting
    • There are summaries of the outcomes posted on the web
    • Forum attendees should be sent the break out session summaries. Mark with facilitate emailing it to them.
    • A cover letter (outline and highlights) should be written to describe the Forum results. This would be accompanied by the written summaries circulated June 14. Ron will draft and circulate for comment.
  4. NCME Update
    • An NSF grant application is underway. A major part of the proposal is in support of the four pillars.
    • The NCME will be moving to identify curriculum groups to address four pillar topics. This includes issues such as green manufacturing.
    • The NCME plans to involve other professional societies such as ASQ, IEEE, ASME, TMS, ASEE, IIE, etc. The NCME would like to ensure they adhere to policies for working with the SME and affiliated societies.
    • (Note: The key elements in these efforts are i) clarity of commitments, ii) awareness of efforts at all levels, and iii) formal support where needed. Commitments may include financial, staff time, in-kind exchanges, branding, etc.)
    • The NCME will be asking the SME for a letter of support for the NSF proposal.
  5. Curricula planning issues including the C2015
    • It would be helpful to inform others about the accreditation process and how it is impacted by the MER/C2015 activities.
    • A two page summary of activities and needs would be very valuable for the board.
    • A one page graphics that communicates the efforts of the various groups would be very helpful.
    • These summaries should be ready for a board meeting in Sept. The issue of discussion will be strategic as opposed to details.
    • Laroux indicated these summaries should be helpful if prepared for the SME Executive Committee in Sept. The issue of discussion will be strategic as opposed to details.
    • The C2015 and the four pillars were presented at ASEE. The Manufacturing Division was very supportive.
    • Website [1]
    • LinkedIn Group [2] - Please consider joining and posting discussion items
    • Survey [3]
    • Website traffic continues to grow
    • Recommendation ranking continues - early results were reviewed
  6. Future meetings
    • The next regular MER Steering Committee meeting may overlap with the NCME meeting
    • Mark will look into coordinating a phone conference meeting room so that there can be some joint meetings.
    • Details to follow.
  7. Adjourned.

Items for the next meeting

  1. Community goals
  2. Motion on chair-elect nomination (Marshall Gartenlaub was nominated)
  3. Curricula 2015
    • (Jack) Proposed Motion: The MER accepts the Curricula 2015 report.
    • To discuss the possibilities in expanding C2015 studies to be of international in scope
    • How will the Center for Education engage in the C2015 activities?

MER Meeting in Bellevue, WA June 4, 2011

attendees: D. Bailey, R. Bennett, G. Conkol, S. Danielson, W. Erevelles, M. Gartenlaub, V. Hawks, H. Jack, H. Kraebber, N. Latif, B. Mott, V. Raju, M. Stratton, P. Waldrop, D. Wells

  1. Called to order at 1:50pm PT
  2. The accreditation committee met earlier:
    • Using the four pillars.
    • How is the word production used.
    • How to reach to non-named manufacturing programs.
    • There was discussion about training for the ABET program visitors, including the four pillars.
    • A group was formed to work on manufacturing in other disciplines.
    • There was discussion about marketing the four pillars to industry.
    • The list of participants will be captured for post meeting followup.
  3. The four pillars progress was discussed by Bob Mott:
    • A four pillars poster was developed and is ready for widespread distribution.
    • The concept has received significant development since January.
    • There is a high level of support along the way, including groups such as the accreditation committee.
    • It can be used to describe the value of hiring a manufacturing engineer
    • Students can use the concept to relate the topics the the degrees and professions.
    • The four pillars can be used to approach other disciplines when discussing manufacturing content.
    • The pillars can be used to identify and support groups to develop topic areas.
    • More discussion will occur in the breakout sessions tomorrow.
    • Group discussion followed:
      • The development of new materials, and identified materials, can be used to create common strength.
      • There are risks, and benefits, associated with developing materials for the pillars.
      • The next step might be to find groups who can develop a reasonable model for each of the topics.
      • The NCME is seeking funds to help create groups. Help is needed from the SME for member participation.
    • UNANIMOUS VOTE: The MER Supports the Four Pillars Model
  4. The June 5 2011 SME Manufacturing Education Session was discussed:
    • The sessions are;
      • Leadership
      • Curricula 2015
      • Pipeline
      • Manufacturing Competitiveness
    • There will be a joint introduction followed by four working sessions.
    • The sessions will be seen as a start to more activities.
    • Ideally the sessions will attract additional people willing to participate in change.
    • At this point there are 40 participants registered. The list includes a wide distribution of academic and industry participants.
    • How will we ensure that people will stay engaged? Ask for volunteers at the summary session.
  5. Curricula 2015
    • The process of development and participation was discussed.
    • The recommendations of the report were discussed.
    • Ranking the recommendations will allow the allocation of tasks and resources.
    • The Center for Education will be an important group to spearhead efforts. The group leadership will be changing from B. Mott to R. Bennett. The center is positioned to bridge the efforts in the MER to other technical communities.
    • The challenges to manufacturing education have been growing. Domestic programs are not growing. Oddly international groups have been looking to the US as a manufacturing leader.
    • Part of our effort needs to be to strengthen the manufacturing groups. This can include helping to form state and federal policies. Policy groups look for resources like the MER for sources of ideas.
    • Many policy makers do not have a manufacturing background. They need education.
    • Making 'manufacturing' a major issue in the next election can be helpful.
    • A good approach is to i) identify what is going to help manufacturing, and then ii) how it can be implemented.
    • Produce a lobbying strategy for the average manufacturing engineer.
    • The best recommendations create an environment to enable success.
    • We must become involved in helping to set policies.
    • Teaching people how to set policy will be very effective if they focus on the local or state level.
    • Should we condense a set of education and research policy points.
    • The SME Key Messages for Supporting Manufacturing Engineering is a good source document.
    • There was a distinction drawn between the message, and how it is delivered.
    • We now have a solid base to move forward.
    • Directly approaching congressmen, senators, assistants, or others will help make a personal impact.
    • There are other groups that can be contacted also, such as chambers of commerce.
    • A whitepaper could be produced to inform the 2012 election.
    • Finding a consultant is a valuable strategy.
    • In national policy we need to differentiate manufacturing within higher education.
    • Personal requests to pass the report and participate in publicity will follow.
    • You can get the report and more information at http://www.C2015.com
  6. The nominating committee proposed Marshall Gartenlaub for MER Chair for 2012.
  7. The Center for Education
    • Ron was asked to indicate what help or direction he will need. He will present his ideas by the next meeting.
    • Ron will use the summary of the session in setting plans.
    • The MER Community supports the activities of the Center for Education.
  8. The next MER conference call will be July 22, 2011.
  9. Bob provided a partial draft of the 'trends in manufacturing education document'. It will be presented in full at the ASEE meeting late June.
  10. Meeting adjourned at 5:00pm PT.

MER Monthly Conference Call - April 27, 2011

attendees: R. Bennett, S. Coe, G. Conkol, M. Gartenlaub, V. Hawks, H. Jack, B. Mott, P. Nutter, V. Raju, M. Stratton, B. Wolff

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of previous minutes
  3. The basic meeting sequence was described:
    • Sat June 4 morning - Accreditation committee meeting
    • Sat afternoon - MER Meeting
    • Sun afternoon - Manufacturing Education Sessions
    • Monday-Tuesday - regular activities and poster session
  4. C2015
    • The report will be released in a few days
    • The report web page is http://www.C2015.com
    • There is a LinkedIn group that can be found on the report website
    • Resources will be posted
    • There was recognition of the work of the C2015 group.
  5. A poster has been prepared for the four pillars concept. It will be distributed widely at conferences, to student chapters, and other places.
    • There will be a poster competition at the SME meeting that will include the Four Pillars poster.
  6. SME Center for Education
    • There are plans to transition the SME Center for Education to Ron Bennett after the SME meeting.
    • Ron will be developing a plan to leverage existing resources and then moving forward
    • There was a motion To recognize and thank Bob Mott for his outstanding contributions as the founder and leader of the SME Center for Education (Passed unanimously)
    • Effort is expected that coming work will articulate the C2015 into the mission of the Center for Education, and the SME strategic plans.
  7. There is a report entitled 'learning for jobs' - link to follow
  8. The NCME report on the health of manufacturing programs is due before late June.

Manufacturing Education and Research Meeting Minutes April 29, 2011

attendees: Ron Bennett, Steve Coe, Gary Conkol, Hugh Jack, Hulas King, Hank Kraebber, Bob Mott, Mark, Stratton, Raju Venkitaswamy, Phil Waldrop

regrets: Val Hawks

  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of minutes - approved
  3. Committee Meeting logistics at SME annual conference, Bellevue, Wa
    • The Accreditation Committee will meet from 9:00 a.m. through 12:00 Noon followed by a joint luncheon.
    • The MER Community Steering Committee will meet from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Set up boardroom style for both.
  4. Education Forum logistics at SME annual conference
    • The room will be set up to facilitate the plenary session and each of the four breakout sessions with a head table and AV to support computer projection for each.
    • A conference call will be set up for early May for the conference chairs and session leaders. (Ron Bennett, Marshall Gartenlaub, Hugh Jack and Bob Mott)
    • A $300 discount off the SME annual conference is being offered using a special priority code, PTHVR, if you register by May 12.
  5. Curricula 2015
    • The draft Curricula 2015 Report will be frozen to integrate final input.
    • A final draft will be sent out by Hugh Jack
    • A cover letter and final draft will be sent next week to the SME Board of Directors next week.
    • The June 5 Education Forum will be the formal release of the report.
  6. SME Center for Education
    • Bob Mott continues to lead the development of the Four Pillars of Manufacturing concept documentation
    • The Education Forum is the next opportunity to present and discuss it.
    • Using the Four Pillars concept as a tool to enhance manufacturing curriculum in manufacturing named and not named programs is encouraged.
    • Ron Bennett will be introduced as the new leader for the SME Center for Education at the SME Board meeting in June taking over from Bob Mott recognized as the founding leader of the Center.
  7. MER Vice Chair nominations
    • Suggestions were made of individuals to recruit for leadership of the Community including, NAMRI/SME past presidents, Education Award recipients and manufacturing program coordinators. An industry person active in accreditation was suggested and Ron Bennett and Steve Coe will follow up.
    • Other suggestions and self nominations are welcome and should be sent to Raju.
  8. MER Community Newsletter
    • Several suggestions for content were made to focus on for the next issue and include:
    • The Four Pillar Concept
    • Curricula 2015 Report
    • SME Center for Education leadership transition
    • Education Forum results
    • International education in manufacturing
    • The next issue was determined to be best sent during the last week of September or first week of October
  9. Other Business
    • The new survey of manufacturing education programs is underway, building on the very popular survey released in June 2009, conducted by the NSF-sponsored National Center for Manufacturing Education (NCME) in cooperation with SME. We urge all educators from programs offering degrees, options, concentrations or other significant offerings in manufacturing to complete the survey and return it by May 6 so that results and trends can be presented at the SME Manufacturing Education Forum on June 5, 2011. Questions about the survey can be addressed to Sandy Feola at the NCME, project manager for the survey (sandra.feola@sinclair.edu).
  10. Mark announced that there will be an SME booth at the ASEE annual conference & exposition, June 26-29 in Vancouver, CA
    • Raju proposed SME endorsement of a conference in India, January 9-11, 2012. The event follows a similar conference in Australia with ASME as lead along with another organization that brought together 250 industry and academic attendees with published proceedings, etc.
    • Interest in pursuing this further was expressed and Raju will provide additional information in advance of the next meeting.
  11. Next meeting - Friday May 27, 11am-noon EST.

Manufacturing Education and Research Conference Call - March 18, 2011

attendees: Karen Birch, Tim Bond, Steve Coe, Gary Conkol, Scott Danielson, LaRoux Gillespie, Hugh Jack, Bob Mott, Mark, Stratton, Phil Waldrop

regrets: none

  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of minutes - approved
  3. Education Web Forums, March 25
    • There are four sessions
      • Four Pillars
      • Curricula 2015
      • Manufacturing Leadership
      • Education Pipeline
    • Using Webex - the call has been sent out, but if you want to register ask Mark for an invitation.
    • Registrations
      • Many registered already.
      • Historically there are a substantial percentage who do not participate.
      • Reaching out to other groups including K-12.
    • Questions
      • Is graduate education addressed?
        • Addressed as one of many topics in Curricula 2015 session.
        • Graduate program oriented people can be engaged after for input.
        • NAMRC for help establishing and/or improving graduate programs. www.sme.org/namrc
      • The sessions will be recorded for later viewing.
  4. Curricula 2015
    • Underway with about a dozen chapters, well over 100 pages, and a few dozen recommendations and actions.
    • Contributors for multiple sections.
    • Soon to be distributed to a call for comments - this will be done to progressively wider groups.
  5. Four Pillars of Manufacturing
    • The concept has been distributed to a group of a few dozen so far for some feedback. The webinar will be used for additional feedback.
    • Will be tied to formal specifications.
    • The concept was reviewed in its graphical form.
    • It will be used for outreach to other groups including K-12, other disciplines, and more....
  6. MER Meeting at SME annual conference
    • Bellevue, WA near Seattle June 5-7, 2011
    • Saturday June 4 from 8am to 5pm: There is a marathon meeting of the MER
    • Sunday June 5 1-5pm: Multiple sessions built on the webinars
    • A formal introduction of the Four Pillars and the Curricula 2015.
    • Mark will send travel details
    • Expected MER Attendees include: Waldrop, Mott, Birch, Raju, Jack, Conkol
    • Raju will be presenting on Monday
  7. MER Vice Chair nominations
    • Forward suggestions to Raju
    • Mark made an impassioned call for volunteers to make a major difference to manufacturing education within the SME.
  8. Next meeting - Friday April 29, 11am-noon EST.

MER Conference Call - Feb., 25, 2011

Chair: Raju V.

Attendees: R. Bennett, M. Gartenlaub, H. Jack, H. King, H. Kraebber, R. Mott, P. Nutter, Raju V., D. Wells

Regrets: M. Stratton

  1. Roll call
  2. Welcome for the new Chair
  3. Ron Bennett provided an update on the webinars and forum
    • The webinars are useful to include people who cannot attend the June 5th meeting
    • Major Dates
      • Next Week - Chairs conference call
      • Early March distribute webinar materials
      • March 25 - Webinar
      • June 5 - Education Forum at the SME annual conference
      • A basic schedule was distributed with the Agenda.
    • Four Tracks
      1. Four Pillars of Manufacturing - B. Mott
        • A structure for the topical content of manufacturing degrees.
        • Working to include more manufacturing material in programs such as electrical, mechanical, materials, industrial, technology, etc.
        • The document has been selectively distributed while it is in development.
        • The objective is to gain widespread acceptance.
        • Asks for support from the MER steering committee.
        • Looking for manufacturing program chair involvement.
        • The four pillars concept was distributed with the meeting agenda.
      1. Curricula 2015 - H. Jack
        • Editing is underway.
        • Graduate programs in manufacturing is one needed section - David Wells and Raju V. have expressed interest.
        • Ready for review early March in preparation for the Webinar March 25.
        • The report should be distributed to the group soon for review.
      1. Pipeline
        • Trying to involve the K-12 manufacturing.
        • A major focus on hands-on.
        • Adding manufacturing outside of the manufacturing programs.
        • We should associate with other innovation initiative.
        • Building on successes such as robotics.
        • Some discussion about how existing programs fit into the bigger picture.
        • The hope is to develop programs with lower costs that can reach larger audiences.
      1. Leadership in Manufacturing & Education - Ron Bennett
        • Building off work done on ABET criteria, surveys, input from other groups.
        • Will be related to an ASEE paper.
        • To present messages to promote discussions about other things that will work, ideas to pursue, new concepts.
        • A variety of suggestions were made and received.
  4. Planning for the face to face meeting of the MER
    • The meeting has been set to do strategic planning and set an agenda to move forward.
    • On Saturday June 4, 2011 at the SME Annual conference.
  5. Nominations for MER Community vice chair
    • The role was discussed and included a wide margin of self definition.
    • There is a potential to contribute a broad spectrum of activites that are outcome oriented.
    • A position description will be circulated by Raju V. to prompt more discussions.
    • Discussions to follow at a future meeting.
  6. Suggestions for items to include in the next MER Community e-newsletter
    • Four Pillars
    • Webinars and SME meeting
    • Curricula 2015
  7. Meeting times
    • The next meeting will be March 18
    • Typically MER meetings have been set for 4th Friday of the Month at 11:00 a.m. EASTERN Time

Action Item: People need to get the word out about the Webinars March 25.

Action Item: Provide contacts to Bob Mott for people in other groups who would have interests in the Four Pillars.