1. On equivariant global epsilon constants for certain dihedral extensions
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    link to journal
    Implementation of the algorithm described in this paper (in PARI/GP). 
    Field extensions used in the proof (in PARI/GP). 
  2. Equivariant local epsilon constants and étale cohomology
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    link to journal
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    link to journal
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    link to journal
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    link to journal
  6. On equivariant Dedekind zeta-functions at s=1 (with D. Burns)
    Documenta Mathematica, Extra Volume Suslin (2010), 119-146. link to journal
  7. Determinant functors on triangulated categories
    Journal of K-Theory 8 (2011), 251-291. link to journal
Non-refereed papers
  1. Interpretation of polylogarithms in terms of mixed variations of Hodge structure
    Oberwolfach Reports 1 (2004), 2549-2550.
  2. Determinants of perfect complexes and Euler characteristics in relative K0-groups
    preprint 2008. arXiv:0812.1556
  1. Eine topologische Struktur für die Idealgruppe
    Diplomarbeit, Darmstadt 1999. 
    ps.gz, pdf
  2. Equivariant epsilon constants for Galois extensions of number fields and p-adic fields
    PhD thesis, King's College London 2004. 
    ps.gz, pdf