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Coaching Cover

Can you help cover sessions when regular coaches cannot make it?  Use the spreadsheet below to view Senior & Junior sessions that require cover and any session scheduled to be cancelled. You should also check this sheet before submitting your month end invoice/expenses form to make sure it matches what you are claiming for.

Do you require session cover? If you are the regular coach for a session and you can't make it you need to let me know as soon as possible. This will allow time for suitable session cover to be found and allow the treasurer to us to quickly and accurately check coaches payment claims. Apart from in unavoidable circumstances you should let me know AT LEAST two weeks in advance. Email me at

The email should include the following information: 
  • Details of the session you can't attend
  • A brief explanation of why cover is required would be useful
  • The name of any coach who has offered to cover on your behalf.
The first thing I'll do on receiving the email is enter the details in the spreadsheet above so if you want to check I've receive it then see if it is listed above. If you have spoken to someone about them covering the session I will follow up with that person to confirm. Please only arrange cover with other existing club coaches listed in the Coaches Spreadsheet.  They should also be qualified to perform the required role so if you are a lead coach at the session, they must also be a lead coach (UKCC Level 2 or above). 

If your cover request is received less than 2 weeks before the session date then I can't guarantee to be able to find cover.  If cover cannot be found the session may have to be cancelled or if appropriate delivered with only one coach. See below for more information regarding session cancellation.

How will I know if a session has been cancelled?

From time to time sessions may be cancelled due to the following:
  • Bank holidays
  • Scheduled maintenance causing closure of a facility
  • Bad weather
  • Major competitions at a facility
  • No suitably qualified lead coach available to take the session - If an assistant coach cannot make a session then it can go ahead but the maximum number of participants must be in line with safe coaching guidelines.  If a lead coach cannot make a session and cover is not found then it can go ahead but only if the session plan has been checked over by a lead coach.
Wherever possible at least 48 hours notice will be given to members and coaches if a session has to be cancelled. If a session has to be cancelled this information will be communicated in a number of ways:
  • Google Training Calendar -
  • News article on front page of the website
  • Email to Club Members
I will try to email all session coaches and lifeguards to let them know the session has been cancelled however it would be a good idea to regularly check the above locations especially around bank holidays or if the weather is really bad.

Someone at the venue has told me information that will affect club sessions.  What should I do?

Most facilities are good at passing on information regarding venue closures however as a coach if you receive any information from facility staff please email me straight away.  I can then confirm the information with the venue and communicate it to members and the rest of the coaching team.

Will I still get paid if a session is cancelled?

Visit the 'Getting Paid' page for more information

Who provides the lifeguard cover at MTC swim sessions?

Lifeguard cover at all MTC swim sessions is provided by the leisure centre staff. The only exception to this is the Friday 21.00-22.00 session at Stretford where lifeguard cover is arranged by the me. In the past we have trained coaching staff to lifeguard their own sessions by sending them on the RLSS National Rescue Award for Teachers and Swim Coaches. However due to the number of coaches and the continuous training requirements of the qualification this was not deemed a cost effective way to continue in the long run. If you have any queries regarding Lifeguard cover at a session please email me on

What if no lifeguard turn up for a swim session I am coaching?

Swimmers should not be allowed to enter the water until a lifeguard is present on poolside. We work to a ratio of 1:30 for lifeguards to swimmers. For more details regarding coaching and lifeguard ratios see the Health and Safety guidelines.

For all sessions except the Friday 21.00-22.00 session at Stretford, if no lifeguard is present on poolside once the official start time for the session is reached either an assistant coach, membership volunteer or responsible member should be sent to find the duty manager to request immediate cover. If no lifeguard cover arrives 5 minutes after the designated start time then the lead coach should ask swimmers to move off pool side whilst they report to the duty manager. The lead coach should make a note of what time lifeguard cover arrived and how many times cover was requested and email this to the Head Coach at the first available opportunity.

For the Friday 21.00-22.00 session at Stretford call the Head Coach if no lifeguard cover arrives. The Head Coach will contact the relevant lifeguard who is surpossed to be at the session. If the lifeguard and/or the Head Coach cannot be reached then lifeguard cover should be requested from the duty manager. If this cannot be provided then the session will have to be cancelled. In all instances email the Head Coach at the first available opportunity.