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god is a state of being

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Mantramine Clothing

 The sexy, yet thought provoking, t shirt.


In some respects, these t-shirts are my answer to the lack of a plain, yet attractive, t-shirts without the words Mrs. Pitt, Hottie, 69, and a slew of other senseless t-shirts that may as well say, pick me... I'ma whore.

I know, that sounds harsh for someone who claims to be somewhat spiritual, but who says being spiritual means you have to lose your sense of humour? Certainly, not me.


More seriously, Mantramine was born from my personal desire to wear my mantra. For me, wearing my mantra was a point of reference, a reminder, a point of balance in my day. The fact that it balanced the less intelligent t shirt was a bonus.


It can be difficult in our fast paced, immediate gratification driven society, to stay focused. In response to this momentum, I wanted to not only say my mantra, but to wear it. I wanted it on my chest. Some people use beads, I wear a t-shirt.


There was a time in my life where it was crucial to my mental well being that I repeat the words, just right now and practice quiet, lest I be pulled back into a world of chaos.


They are just words, but they are powerful in what they can represent to me and, I hope, to you.


People often ask me what god is a state of being means. It is my main mantra, my mantramine. You can check out the link for the full story.


The t-shirts are a simple way of wearing truth.


Nothing more, nothing less; simple, yet infinite.


So... buy a t-shrit and help move the world. How simple is that?


Stay tuned for new mantra's tees, coming soon.