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Sherif Now

 Sherif Mansour is a teaching assistant in Faculty of Science, Suez Canal University, Port-Said, Egypt.

Master Course student in Geochronology group, Earth Science Department, Kanazawa University (KU), Japan. 


Research Interests

As a young Researcher and a short academic history my points of interest are still limited and almost all my scientific aspirations have not been achieved. I hope to achieve all of my aspirations with the help of the Geochronology group of Kanazawa University (KU).

1.  Age dating of the basement rocks using different isotopic dating techniques.

 2.  Investigating the rock's crystallization age using (U-Pb) dating technique. 

3.  Fission Track Technique and its geothermal, tectonic, and economic applications.

4.  Studying the rift development and related flanks uplift using thermochronological techniques.


KU Research Group



I am member of the Geochronology group (Hasebe laboratory), Kanazawa University(KU).

The Geochronology group consists from eight students, two international students (short term scholarship and master course student), two doctoral course students, other master student, and three undergraduate students.  



Professor Noriko Hasebe is the supervisor of the group, she is associate professor specialized in Geochronology, structure geology and Tectonics.