occitan's language





 The futur's for us ; look at this tower.Here the wiew of occitan's cultur anf futur. Thank you brothers for the french's minorities languages. Lenga d'oc. Yes




The word is a little word , same the country and the mens who leave in this country when they loot others contrys, and when they continue to make to day.

They are minutes things fierces to fleece the powerty, conglomerates by interests stupids, greedys and a lot of murders in gestation.

In France the governments, the chiefs, the "bigs heads", think that the french language is the more beautiful lenguage of the earth.

Perhaps it's true , perhaps it's false.

It's a dutie for us to stand up for the occitan's language, the southern mother's lenguage. Help us.

To day England , Spanish , Italia conced for them minorities the right to speak his language. It's true, everyone , except France...

No tele , no public's schools, no radio set. The only language (for the constitution) is the french. And France refuse to sign minoritaries 's map of Europe's concil.

Let the bigs heads think , that they don't imagine others things than to find a war .

Except France ? No.

Because? I don't say. Nobody know(my troble) that it's perhaps a medical question....

Help us to save minorities lenguages...

And the lenga d'OC....

France fight for the rights for the culturals 's diversity ? UNESCO UNESCO . I sleep off this day.

-"Va savoir Jeannette...."

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ostal d'occitania tolosenc


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