I started here at IIT Madras, on May 11, 2018, moving from IIT Delhi. In November 2017, I graduated with a Ph.D. from Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi. I had the good fortune of being part of their respective impressive groups at IIT Delhi: Mathematics & Computing, CS&E Computer Vision, and Computer Technology.

My core specialization is in Computer Vision, Computational Imaging and Photography. I am interested in display technology, particularly for designing algorithms for Stereoscopic/Auto-stereoscopic 3D Displays. My Ph.D. thesis entitled “Uncalibrated Camera Based Content Generation for 3D Multi-view Displays” provides unique multi-camera based solutions for supporting a wide spectrum of 3D display content production chain with uncalibrated inputs. It addresses key problems of generating image data from real-world scenes for 3D multi-view displays, and provide a general solution to the challenges in creating a natural information-rich visualization.

Before joining Ph.D. in July 2010, I completed a M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics (2006-2008) and received an M.Tech. in Computer Applications (2008-2010) from Department of Mathematics, IIT Delhi.

I have been working in the following areas of research:                                                               
  •  Computer Vision
  •  Computational Photography
  •  Computational Imaging 
  •  Multi-view Full Parallax Imaging and Light field 3D Displays 
  •  Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Head-mounted Displays
  •  Deep Learning based Computational Image Formation 
  •  Algebraic Perspective on Machine Learning & Signal Processing
  •  Image, Video and Multi-dimensional Signal Processing
  •  Tensor Methods in 3D Computer Vision
  •  Applied Deep Learning for Medical Data Analysis
  •  Holographic 3D & Light Field Imaging in Medicine
  •  Machine Learning for Haptics

Students interested in a Ph.D./M.S./Project Associate/Internship positions can write to me. I am also interested in guiding M.Tech., DDP, BTP, Creative Engineering or Summer Projects.


15.1.2021 - Advanced course on Computational Imaging & Displays (Light Field Full Parallax Imaging, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality)

02-12-2020 - Two papers accepted to IC3D 2020 !
24.10.2019 - Six papers accepted to IC3D 2019 !
04.06.2019 - Presented three papers at ELFI 2019 !

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