About Me

  I would like start from the present. I am exploring career opportunities in the  Internet of Things (IoT) , Distributed Systems, Middleware and/or Artificial Intelligence. 

For the past 3 years, I have been Director at Sintron.
Sintron exclusively distributes Rexton hearing instruments in India and also manufactures its own brand NovaxIn my capacity as Director, I have worked on improving all aspects of the business starting from Testing & Quality Control, After Sales Service, Marketing and setting up a strong Sales and Distribution Channel in the country. This has thereby resulted in the overall growth of the organisation. 

While I am satisfied with my achievements over the last 3 years, I realise that I deeply miss working in the core technology space.  I am seeking a role that would combine my leadership qualities together with my technical skills. I am always open to learn and adapt.

Previously, I worked as Corporate Researcher at the Bosch Research & Technology Center at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I work on the topic of Internet of Things. My expertise and responsibilities were in the areas of Distributed Systems, Middle-ware design, Mobile/Ubiquitous Computing and  & Software Architectures. The results of my work formulated the foundation of the Bosch IoT Startup Bezirk.

 I am a Graduate Major in Computer Science/Robotics  at the University of Pennsylvania. During grad school, I worked as a Research Assistant at the Real-time Embedded Systems Laboratory(Mlab). My research interests include Embedded Systems, Networks, Control Theory, Active vision and Multi-agent systems. I graduated in 2008 with as an Undergraduate Major in Electronics  from Anna University , Chennai India. In college I was involved in several projects that involved  robotics. 

    I got a taste of Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence while carrying out research on my final year project which was a multi-agent/robot algorithm for coordinated weed eradication. In my final year I interned in the Centre for Articial Intelligence and Robotics(CAIR), (D.R.D.O).  On graduating I got the opportunity to work at Indian Institute of Science,  under the Indian National Academy for Engineering Mentorship program. Later, I continued my research with robots and multi-agent algorithms in the Reconfigurable Robotics Lab at the Indian Institute of Science, Madras.