This website is all about the hamlet of Manorville. It is a fascinating place to be! However, there are not too many websites with information on it. The goal of this website is to teach people all about this wonderful hamlet! It is the largest hamlet in size on Long Island (25.52 square miles). It is rural and suburban, depending on which section of the hamlet you are in. Manorville is interesting in so many ways that no one knows about at all! So, what can we do to let people know about this hamlet, or small town? The answer: We can make the website you are reading right now! This website should be able to answer the following question: Why should Manorville be more popular? Its history, wildlife, and geography make it very convenient. This website will tell you all about Manorville and why it should be more well-known. So, start exploring our site!

Have you been to Manorville yet? 
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