M a n o r      K n o l l s

A Caring Community of Neighbors in Prince George's County Maryland

Manor Knolls, hidden away between MD Route 202 and MD Route 214,  is located in Kettering.  


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This is the last item on this website. From now on, for news of Manor Knolls, visit our wiki at ManorKnolls.pbwiki


Get Info on Mortgages, Stopping Foreclosures

You can get your questions answered and helpful information on mortgages, refinancing your home and information on President Obama's recently announced mortgage rescue plan by listening to Eric Cade, the host of Your Money Hour radio show on Blog Talk Radio n Wednesday, 03.04.09 by calling 1.347.237.4917. Also, check out  www.blogtalkradio.com and www.gohomeone.com and this flyer.

Meeting Cancellation

The Board of Directors January 15, 2009 meeting has been cancelled due to the unavailbility of the two scheduled guests, to discuss landscaping and community inspection.

These two agenda items will be moved to the next scheduled meeting of Febuary 19, 2009.

Save $39

At its December 2008 meeting, the Manor Knolls Home Owners Association Board of Directors voted to approve a one time policy on Home Owners Assessments for February 2009 that can save you $39. 

If you are a Manor Knolls Home Owner in good standing who is current with the payment of your assessment, if you make a payment in full for the remainder of the  2009 calendar year, you will have to pay for only 10 months instead of 11 months. That means if you make a payment of $390 by the 1st of February 2009, you will have paid in full your assesssment for 2009 and will save yourself $39!

Again, this is good only for February 2009 and for those homeowners who are in good standing and current in the payment of their assessment. 


New Board Officers

Mr. Melvin Hall - MKHOA Member-At-Large                     Ms. Valerie Osborne - MKHOA Member-At-Large
Mr. Eric Cade - MKHOA Board Treasurer
Mr. Elton Wright - MKHOA Board Vice President
Mr. Carlton Hadden - MKHOA Board President/Secretary



TCMG, the management company. has mailed out incorrect assessment payment coupons for Manor Knolls Home Owners Association. As well, TCMG has sent the incorrect budget for 2009.

There is no increase in the assessment fee for this year - it remains at $39.00. The BOD has asked the management company to notify homeowners and to correct the error.


New MKHOA Directors

At its rescheduled Annual Meeting, held on Thursday, November 20, 2008, Manor Knolls Home Owners who were present elected new members to the Board of Directors: Eric Cade and Valarie Osborne. Congratulations are in order for these homeowners who have volunteered to serve the community.

10.16.08  BOD meeting

The minutes from the MKHOA Board Meeting of October 16, 2008 are here..


Board  Approves ACC Resolution!

On Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 7:00 pm, the Board of Directors for the Manor Knolls Community Home Owners Association unanimously approved the adoption of an ACC Resolution. 

The Community discussed with the Board the draft of the ACC Resolution designed to implement more detailed architectural standards. The Board only modified one item - deleting the requirement for screening of fences by landscaping. We will post the offical copy here soon.

With Board approval, the Resolution will take effect in 60 days from the date of passage.

However, before you make any changes, you must first secure approval by the Board for the changes. You can use this Manor Knolls AC Application.

  Store your Bins!

    Just a gentle reminder - please store your trash and  recycling bins  out of sight on days that they are not out for pickup. have been delivered to Manor Knolls.


Making A Change? 

All architectural change requests must be submitted to the  Board of Directors


Homeowners must submit their request to the management company.


No work may  begin until and unless approved by the  Board of Directors. 



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