I am Manoj Yadav, from Gwalior, a city located on the periphery of Madhya Pradesh state of India. I was born with the kind help of Late Dr. Lele, in the Lady Elgin Hospital of Jabalpur.

My name Manoj means Cupid in my native language Hindi, well that has nothing to do with my nature. My nickname is Citu, derived from the word CT. When my brother was born; my uncle was serving in Indian Army in Mumbai where railway station was called VT (Victoria Terminus), so my brother was nicknamed Bitu. Incidentally when I was born; same uncle was in Bangalore where railway station is known as CT (Cantonment Terminus) therefore I was nicknamed Citu.

My mother got me admitted in a nearby school in Shivpuri when I was three. I received my subsequent education in Shajapur, Khargone, and Gwalior. Last degree program I attended was quite some fun. The most interesting part of the course was playing around with algorithms; primarily with Bellman-Ford algorithm. Later I shifted to New Delhi from Gwalior to complete the practical training of my degree. I have been an avid traveler since then.

Recently drove 1700 kilometers from Bangalore to Gwalior with much difficulty. Got a pulse of ground realities in Telengana. Roads were terrible and people kept on complaining about successive governments at almost every teashop or dhaba I stopped at. I prayed to God more times in these two days then in the last two years. Every junction or turn seemed like a test of my skills. I told God please be little merciful you can test me a little later too..why to take all tests on just one day. And finally it did work. It was fantastic to traverse entire stretch from Maharashtra to MP. Lush greenery after Nagpur and in Satpuda reminded me what must have inspired Bhawani Prasad to write "Satpuda Ke Ghane Jungle", which I studied in seventh standard. A parcel in Betul could be compared with a pasture in Europe without an iota of doubt. However, the best part was visiting Bhimbetka caves. It is truly magnificent. If someone has not visited it, they are definitely missing something in life. Some of it's photos are given in the link.

My favorite quote is "If facts change, we must change. If we do not change, facts change." Another one I liked recently is "Sometimes in life you just have to grin and let things go. We must not stoop down to the same level as someone else is on."

To know more about me, please explore this site.

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