Research Projects at BITS-Pilani
File System Annotations, Prof. Shan Balasubramaniam (Aug 2006 – Dec 2006)
File System Annotation is the support provided by a file system for adding annotations to the files either automatically or by the user. In this thesis, I analyzed various methods to store the annotations of a file. This required examination of the different file system data structures in EXT3 and Alternate Data Streams in NTFS. With a specially designed API, I implemented a tool to enter and modify the annotations of files in Linux.
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Automatic Summarization, Prof. Shan Balasubramaniam (June 2005 – May 2006)
Automatic summarization is used to extract the summary of text document by a computer. The task of summarizing a document is used in various fields of information retrieval. The page ranking algorithm used by Google to rank web pages was used to extract the summary of a document. This algorithm was modified to rank the sentences within a document and then retrieve the top ranking sentences as the summary. As part of the project I also created a tool to extract the summary of text documents.
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Network File System, Associate Professor Chittaranjan Hota (Aug 2005 – Dec 2005)
The research I did, entailed a study on the Linux virtual file system as well as Remote Procedure Calls and cache coherency policies of distributed file systems. I also wrote a module to register a new file system in the Linux kernel.