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Mano Agulians Turbo Tii Masterpiece!
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August 01, 2011 
Project: 74 2002 Tii Turbo 

The car started life as a really straight 1974 Tii, with rare Schwartz black paint from the factory. In the last few months, the car has been restored with the intent to produce an advanced and sorted replica of a factory 1974 Turbo. It worked.
This 2002 is honestly the finest driving 2002 that I have ever driven [I think I have driven over 100 of them, in about every iteration possible]. It just dyno'd at 155 horsepower at the wheels and 167 ft lbs torque, running on a meager 7LBS of boost. The engine is a low mile factory Tii, with 9.5 pistons. The injection pump was modified to handle the added demand and the factory cold start modified to enrich fuel at full throttle. Aluminum radiator, oil cooler, and intercooler have been added. Exhaust is a custom mandrel bent stainless steel with custom header. The result is smooth flawless Tii power, until the turbo kicks in at about 4500 RPM. This combination along with a 3.90 LSD, and short shift 5 speed transmission provide the perfect strong, smooth power all the way to red line, with shifting on boost to on boost with no lag. 
The suspension is completely gone through, with all new bushings, Ireland Engineering sway bars, and custom GROMA coil overs front and rear. The ride is firm and precise, without being uncomfortable. 
The body has a fresh coat of black paint, and all original factory turbo flairs, front and rear spoiler were added. Wheels are Alpina style 15 inch. The interior was also completely gone through, with fresh Recaros, slathered in fine black vinyls. The door panels were redone with the same basic design as the factory units, however better looking. 
This car is a beautifully engineered and truly impressive. Upcoming feature in Bimmer Magazine, the car was shot last month.

Offered at $24,500      Contact: John Barlow  
                                              Phone: 818.645.7944