In-wall(Door actually)Touch Screen Installation

on the cheap...


 My wife was out late a couple of nights ago (she volunteers at a home for troubled teens). This gave me the perfect opportunity to surprise her by installing a touchscreen in the foyer.
I chickened out of an in-wall-installation as I didn't want to crawl under the house for wiring,  etc. So I decided on the coat-closet door that faces the front door entrance.

"How Ghetto!" among other things was what she said. Turns out she came home earlier than expected to find wood scraps, drill, handsaw,  big ugly foot square hole in the door, and of course a lot of duct tape. Once I came to (wife has a great right hook), I finished the installation with a 3 dollar bamboo (we have a tropical palm tree theme going on ...) place-mat from Target and some velcro. 

Click on any image for a full size picture.


* Closet  Door 

* Ruler

* Level 

* Pencil  

* Hand Drill 

* Hand Saw 

* Duct Tape

* Scissors

* Glue 

* Screws 

* Liquid Courage (Sam Adams Boston Lager)

* Home Depot nearby if you need to replace the door because you were trying this while drunk.



Once installed find a digital aqarium or your favorite screensaver to show up when motion is detected near your front door.I use XLobby, PowerHome, RocketDock, WinAmp ,GTalk, ebay CCTV dvr software.


Install slideshow


PowerHome via Xlobby

PowerHome DCC to send commands to XReceive a plugin for Xlobby

XLobby and WiRNs

PH XL howto:

PowerHome & XLobby

ok for now...