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ü       Adapter_Demo__Mini

ü       Applet_Add__Mini

ü       Applet_Frame__Mini

ü       Applet_Window__Mini

ü       Banner__Mini

ü       Browser__Mini

ü       Choice_List__Mini

ü       Clint_Test__Mini

ü       Color_Demo__Mini

ü       Double_Buffer__Mini

ü       First_Applet__Mini

ü       Grid__Mini

ü       HServlet__Mini

ü       Image_Load__Mini

ü       Image_Swing__Mini

ü       Inetaddress_Demo1__Mini

ü       InnerClassdemo__Mini

ü       Java_Buttons__Mini

ü       Java_Label__Mini

ü       Jdbc_test1__Mini

ü       Jdbc update__Mini

ü       Jlabeldemo__Mini

ü       JScrollPaneDemo_Mini

ü       Key_Events_Mini

ü       Lawte_Mini

ü       List_Demo_Mini

ü       Logo_Mini

ü       Observed_ImageLoad_Mini

ü       Rectangles_Mini

ü       Resize_Me_Mini

ü       Sample_Applet_Mini

ü       Sb_Demo_Mini

ü       Server_Test_Mini

ü       Servlet_Database_Mini

ü       servlet_To_Applet_Mini

ü       Simple_Key_Mini

ü       Text_Demo_Mini

ü       Textarea_Demo_Mini

ü       UDP_Server_Mini

ü       UDPClient_Mini

ü       Window_Events_Mini

ü       Advertising Agency

ü       Books Online Shopping

ü       BugTracking System

ü       College Management Sysyetm

ü       Doctors

ü       Human Resource Management System

ü       Internet Banking

ü       Intranet Chatting

ü       Java_Mail_Filter

ü       MIS Coding Nokia Soft

ü       Online Cources

ü       Online Exam

ü       Power Point Sliding

ü       Practical_Aircraft_Position

ü       project planning management

ü       Puyo Puyo game

ü       Sliding Window Protocol

ü       Telephone Billing system

ü       Voice over internet protocol

ü       Banking Application

ü       ATM Database

ü       airways reservation system

ü       Chat Room Application

ü       Snake(applet)

ü       Poor Man's PaintShop

ü       EAR Utility to Compare two EAR files

ü       J2EE recover(Email Recoverd password)

ü       Servlet Application


ü       Back&Fore ground color changer

ü       Magnifier (VERY NICE)JAR

ü       Die Roller

ü       DCSoft DOS Casino

ü       Card Base Classes

ü       A Civilisation Game

ü       Javascript Command Interpreter

ü       Parellel Port Viewer

ü       Swing Code to Maintain CD Database

ü       A Pong Game

ü       A Basic Game

ü       Bomber Man

ü       Logo using Runnable Interface

ü       Led Digital Clock

ü       Server Insertion to DB

ü       File to Array Convertor (JAR file)

ü       Java Servlet & JDBC Code for Web Development

ü       Animated Movable Ball

ü       Beat it Game

ü       Guessing Game

ü       Applet game Template.

ü       SMTP

ü       Pizza Hut

ü       Texteditor

ü       Virtual Network Computing

ü       GUI For RDBMS

ü       Calculator

ü       Smart Mail(Big project)

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